Ramsey’s Tossey to run for Minnesota House in 35A

Ramsey City Councilmember Jason Tossey has announced the formation of a start-up committee to represent the citizens of Minnesota House District 35A (Anoka and Ramsey).

Jason Tossey
Jason Tossey

Tossey is in his first term as a member of the Ramsey City Council and also serves as chairperson of the Personnel Committee.

He is in his 14th year of law enforcement and is currently a police investigator. He is a graduate of St. Cloud State University, and a veteran of the U.S. Navy.

Tossey and his wife, Kristin, have a daughter, Taylor, and reside in Ramsey.

He is a past president of Minnesota Fraternal Order of Police No. 26, (a philanthropic organization) and has also served as steward to his police local. Tossey is a supporter of Pheasants Forever, Minnesota, Special Olympics – Law Enforcement Torch Run, and Youth First (Community of Promise), on which he currently serves on the board of directors.

“Over the past few years I have represented Ramsey citizens by voting that their tax dollars are not wasted on risky business subsidies when they often come at the expense of the basic roles of government, such as roads,” Tossey said.

According to Tossey, a priority for him is his concern that the state’s road and highway infrastructure is reaching critical mass as well and that has never been more evident than the current situation on Highway 10 in Anoka and Ramsey.

“As a 13-year law enforcement veteran, I know the importance of supporting basic roles of government, but I feel elected officials have forgotten those basic pillars by venturing into areas that were meant for the private sector,” Tossey said.

“This comes at a cost to services and your wallets.”

Tossey strongly believes that the problem is not revenue, but misguided spending, he said.

“Over the last legislative session we saw a state government that raised taxes for everyone,” Tossey said. “The taxes imposed on the state’s middle class and small businesses will, no doubt, hurt the economy and kill jobs.

“Meanwhile, the Legislature provided tax breaks and subsidies to big businesses on the backs of the middle class, small businesses and the state’s poorest. This is not fair, and must be reversed or dynamic job growth will not return anytime soon.”

As a lifelong Minnesotan who has been all around the country and the world, during his time serving in the military, Tossey said he has seen first hand the importance of a Minnesota public education.

“I am concerned that we are lowering the bar for our students, educators and parents that will hurt our future economy and our first class work force,” he said.

“I will work for innovative solutions to ensure Minnesota remains a top notch place to educate our children.”

On natural resources, Tossey said that those who know him, know that he cherishes the state’s parks, lakes and woods.

“I believe that our state is blessed with tremendous natural resources and conservation efforts are vitally important to our citizens and our economy,” he said. “I look forward to continuing Minnesota’s support of our outdoor traditions.”

Over the last 13 years of his law enforcement career he has seen both the good and bad of society, according to Tossey.

“Fortunately, I am also reminded time and time again that most people will do what is right without a new law or requirement from the state,” Tossey said.

“I am concerned that as more laws are passed, more liberties are being taken away. I’m also concerned that laws that protect life, liberty and property have been de-emphasized with many new laws that are passed. I would always balance the need of new laws against individual liberties before I vote on legislation.”

Tossey said he plans to continue the leadership of current District 35A Rep. Jim Abeler, who has announced his intention to run for the U.S. Senate next year instead of re-election to the Minnesota House.

“I also recognize the passion that Representative Abeler has shown for health and human services, including senior issues,” he said. “I understand the importance of his work and I am committed to ensuring that his knowledge and passion for those programs is not lost.

“Although Jim cannot be replaced, his pragmatic leadership shown by working across the aisle on issues important to all citizens is something I am committed to at the Capitol.”


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