New Walmart opening on Highway 65 in Blaine

A new Blaine Walmart along Highway 65 in Blaine will be open 24 hours a day.

Wendy Palmer of Blaine (left) and Yirga Reath of Coon Rapids (right) stock shelves in the grocery section in preparation of the Aug. 14 grand opening of a new Blaine Walmart at 11505 Ulysses St. NE. Photo by Eric Hagen
Wendy Palmer of Blaine (left) and Yirga Reath of Coon Rapids (right) stock shelves in the grocery section in preparation of the Aug. 14 grand opening of a new Blaine Walmart at 11505 Ulysses St. NE. Photo by Eric Hagen

“Anything you need, anytime you want it,” said Tim Green, store manager.

The store is located at 11505 Ulysses St. NE on the former Rice Creek Gardens site and will be open Aug. 14.

The 157,000 square-foot store offers “one-stop shopping for customers,” Green said, with merchandise, electronics, home furnishing and many other products.

Fresh produce, bakery, deli, frozen foods and dairy selections will be provided in the grocery section.

“We look to expand beyond national name-brand merchandise that all Walmart stores provide by allowing our store managers to work with residents within the communities we serve to bring additional beloved local specialty items to the stores,” said Walmart spokesperson Delia Garcia.

A Subway, Vision Center, SmartStyle hair salon, one-hour photo lab, a lawn and garden center and a pharmacy with a drive-through are other amenities from which customers will be able to choose.

Expanding footprint

Walmart has grown by 36.2 percent internationally in terms of stores added between its 2009 and 2013 fiscal years. According to its 2013 annual report, there were 7,909 stores in 2009 to 10,773 stores in 2013. This includes a little over 600 Sam’s Club operations in 2009 and 2013.

While growth has come everywhere, the largest by far is Walmart’s international stores. There were 3,595 stores internationally in 2009 and 6,148 in 2013.

More about the manager

Green has climbed the company ladder since he accepted a lawn and garden sales associate job in 2001 at a Walmart near the Ripley High School, W.Va., from which he just graduated.

He eventually got a four-year college degree in business from Ohio Valley University, Vienna, W.Va., during which time he was a cart pusher at a local Walmart.

Green was transferred to Minnesota and entered into a manager in training program a little while after he got his college degree in 2006. He worked in Hibbing for six months, was an assistant manager in Thief River Falls for two years, was a shift manager in Cloquet for almost two years and got his first store manager post in Devils Lake, N.D,, in the summer of 2011.

At first it was a job to make money as he went through college, but became impressed with Walmart’s training of its staff and management team and started thinking this could be a long-term option.

In his second stint as a Walmart store manager, he will oversee approximately 300 employees. Of those, five are veterans. Walmart had launched a nationwide program around Memorial Day to hire veterans. About 12,000 applied and Walmart hired 300 within the first eight days of the program launch, according to Green.

According to Garcia and Green, the 1.1 million Walmart associates and family members are covered by health care plans. It offers up to a 6 percent match for 401(k) plans, a quarterly bonus of up to $2,200 based on store performance and divided up based on hours worked, and a 10 percent discount card for associates once they have been with the company for 90 days.

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  • Dick Long

    Another Wal-Mart? They’re Popping-Up Like Weeds.

    Another Location In Which To Purchase Non-American-Made Products, And Lay-Off More Americans.
    At The Same Time, Employ Local Residents With Sub-Standard Wages So They All Can Be Be On Some Sort Of Public Assistance.

    It’s A Bleak Outlook.

    • elkriverscott

      Chevy sells an Aveo, made by Daewoo. RFID will eliminate 90 percent of all cashiers as barcodes removed price labels. Sub standard wages according to who? You sound like a control freak, bent on dictating wages an employer must pay to easily replace low skilled employees. Emotions are fine for a teenager but Wal Mart is not in business to hire people. They are in business to make money. You need to leave the sixites. Or as the now adult Bono recently said, “Giving aid to people does not help them. What people need is entrepreneur capitalism.” This awareness makes him an adult. Please remember to insult with any response.