Girl charged for stealing $18,000 of jewelry from Coon Rapids home

A 19-year-old allegedly stole jewelry worth some $18,000 from the home of relatives in Coon Rapids.

Kimberly Irene Beverson, Eden Prairie, was arraigned in Anoka County District Court Aug. 1 on a felony theft charge.

She was released on her own recognizance with her next court appearance set for Aug. 29.

According to the complaint, Beverson showed up unexpectedly with two males at the Coon Rapids home of relatives, a husband and wife, the afternoon of July 27. She asked to use the bathroom, and she walked down the hallway in direction of the bathroom and the couples’ bedroom.

One of the males stood in the entry to the hallway blocking the husband’s view of Beverson, and she left a short time later with the males, the complaint alleges.

The next morning, the wife opened her jewelry box and found that numerous jewelry pieces were missing, including two diamond necklaces, two diamond tennis bracelets, a diamond solitaire pendant and three other pieces.

Following the initial report of the theft, the wife contacted the Coon Rapids Police Department to state that she had met with Beverson, who allegedly admitted to taking and pawning the jewelry at pawn shops in Coon Rapids and Fridley.

The wife also told police that she had found additional jewelry missing, but that Beverson has returned to her a number of inexpensive jewelry items with a value of $600.

Police recovered from Max It Pawn, Fridley, a number of jewelry items that were identified by the wife as having been taken from her home, with pawn shop records allegedly showing they had been pawned by Beverson the afternoon of July 27.

From Pawn America in Coon Rapids, officers recovered two diamond tennis bracelets identified by the wife as having been stolen from her home.

Pawn shop records indicate that those items were allegedly pawned by a male the afternoon of July 27.

In a statement to police, Beverson allegedly admitted to stealing all the jewelry items reported missing and to then pawning them.

She alleged she used the money from pawning the stolen jewelry for hotels, gas and heroin.

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