Golf column: Do we have a favorite?

Do we have a favorite golf club, a favorite hole and a favorite course? I would say it’s safe to say that most of us do.

Now the better question is why. What makes that club, that hole, or even that course our favorite? Do we have an abundance of confidence with that club, or on that particular hole, or on the course because of past success?

Joshua Breen is the Head Golf Professional at The Links at Northfork in Ramsey.
Joshua Breen is the Head Golf Professional at The Links at Northfork in Ramsey.

Is our mindset different with our favorite club and if it is, how is it different? I would imagine we are more confident and committed with this certain club in our hand, or on a favorite hole. We can always rely on that one trusty club; or that hole to get our round back on track, we seem to know what the shots going to do before we even do it.

Why are we better with this club, why is this my favorite hole and why do I play well at the particular course?

I would imagine you visualize the shot better with this club or on the particular hole. Maybe some courses or holes on certain courses even set up better to the eye and you have more confidence.

In general, you make a more athletic swing and take the uncertainty and hesitation out of the swing. You get into a positive mental approach and make an athletic pass, and the results are typically good, maybe even great.

When we lack confidence in our swing, the golf ball doesn’t know where to go. We are hoping it goes in the fairway or on the green, but most of the time it doesn’t listen.

When your swing lacks confidence and the precise control, you are merely suggesting and hoping where the ball will go, as opposed to commanding it and having control over the ball with your “favorite club.”

The better question is how to make every club our favorite, make every hole fit our eye and set up for success, and every course our favorite course while we are experiencing it.

Joshua Breen is the head golf professional at The Links at Northfork in Ramsey. 

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