Coon Rapids-Round Lake boulevards intersection bid approved

The Anoka County Board has awarded a contract for an intersection improvement project in Coon Rapids.

Forest Lake Contracting submitted the only bid for the reconstruction of the intersection at Coon Rapids and Round Lake boulevards in the amount of $443,749.40.

That was under the engineer’s estimate of $465,904.20.

The county has received federal highway safety funds for the project in the amount of $367,200.

The rest of the cost will be split between the county and the city of Coon Rapids based on the county’s cost share policy for traffic signals.

Under the joint powers agreement for the project approved by the county board and the Coon Rapids City Council, the city’s share will be some $44,000.

This money will come from the city’s state aid street account, for which state gas tax revenues are received.

Intersection improvements included as part of the project are a median, traffic signal replacement, elimination of northbound and southbound “free right” turn movements, creation of a northbound dedicated left-turn lane, other dedicated turn lanes, concrete gutter, drainage enhancements and sidewalk construction.

As part of the joint powers agreement between the county and the city and so that the federal funding for the intersection project would not be jeopardized, the Coon Rapids City Council has put in place parking restrictions on Round Lake Boulevard from Coon Rapids Boulevard south to 115th Avenue.

The purpose of the project is to improve safety at the intersection.

Construction will take place this year.

Peter Bodley is at [email protected]