Playground improvements coming to Highland Woods, Deer Creek

Splitting and rotting timbers serving as transitional borders between the grass and wood chip areas of playgrounds in two St. Francis parks are posing a potential hazard and will be replaced with concrete curbing.

The St. Francis City Council July 1 approved a request by Public Works Director Paul Teicher to spend $19,000 out of city’s park dedication fund to replace the timbers in Highland Woods and Deer Creek – two parks with a concrete border.

Timbers are deteriorating in other parks as well, but these two parks have the greatest need, said Teicher.

Wood chips are used under playground equipment to cushion potential falls, and a containment border is necessary to maintain a certain depth of wood chips.

The city’s park dedication fund has a balance of $80,000, and this $19,000 expenditure would not affect the public works operation and maintenance budget.