St. Francis agrees to five-year capital plan

The St. Francis City Council Aug. 5 approved a five-year capital improvement plan identifying a potential schedule of city projects and funding sources for the years 2014 through 2018. The council voted to approve the plan immediately following a public hearing, where there were no public comments.

The plan is not set in stone, and each project and expense identified in the plan will have to be individually authorized by the City Council as it comes up in the future.

The first of the five most significant projects identified in the capital improvement plan is the construction of an east side wastewater treatment plant to serve the city’s growing population and industrial users. The project comes with a price tag of about $18 million, and the timing of the project will depend on population growth.

The second significant project in the plan is the extension of water and sewer utilities north on Highway 47 to 245th and west on 241st Avenue to Roanoke. This $3.9 million project would be mostly funded by assessments and would take place in 2017.

The third most significant expenditure in the plan is a $3.52 million reconstruction of 241st Avenue with new curb and gutter and utilities in 2016.

Fourth is the 2018 extension of Bridge Street Northwest west to Highway 47. The extension would include signal lights at Highway 47 and Ambassador and is expected to cost about $3.3 million.

The fifth on the priority list is Bridge Street traffic improvements at a cost of $2.5 million in 2015. This would include the construction of a new access road from Poppy Street to County Road 9, a signalized intersection in conjunction with county improvements at Bridge Street and County Road 9, and reconstruction of Poppy Street from 227th Avenue to Bridge Street. This project’s goal is to improve safety and traffic and to facilitate economic development.