St. Francis agrees to help fund Pioneer Days

The St. Francis City Council Aug. 19 voted unanimously to help the St. Francis Chamber of Commerce fund the city’s annual Pioneer Days celebration for the next four years, which will be the first years that the event will be run by the chamber.

Lumberjack contests, always a popular Pioneer Days event. File photo
Lumberjack contests, always a popular Pioneer Days event. File photo

The council agreed to commit $15,000 toward the event next year, $12,000 each of the next two years after that and then $10,000 in the fourth year. Whether the city will continue to contribute liquor store funds toward fireworks for Pioneer Days will depend on each year’s liquor store revenues.

Councilmember Amy Lazere expressed her support for the chamber’s willingness to take over Pioneer Days, and it was her suggestion to provide the most funding in the chamber’s first year, which she described as the most crucial year.

The city will also check into whether it would be able to obtain liability insurance for the event at a lesser cost than the chamber of commerce can.

The chamber had approached the council earlier this month about its interest in taking over the operation of Pioneer Days and had also asked the city to consider a temporary cost-sharing partnership.

It had requested that the city contribute $10,000 for fireworks each year plus half the cost of the event each year — about $15,000 — for each of the next three years.