Letters to the Editor for Aug. 30, 2013

Who is in charge?

To the Editor:

Who is in charge Andover, who is in charge?

First, they said I could build a garage if it was 60 feet from the lot line.

Then they said the road was crooked so I needed a $750 survey to find the lot corners.

I mentioned that I didn’t build the road crooked, they did. When that survey indicated the new garage was 68 feet from the lot line, two self-proclaimed engineers got involved and said I needed an $800 height survey.

I obtained one. Then they said because of the 100-year flood, I needed a $4,000 hydro study or could wait and if they paved the road, they would do one.

I mentioned that in April we had the most rain since 1906 and that should have been the 100-year flood. They said it didn’t take into account a 100-year back-to-back flood, whatever that is they never explained.

Then they said I could build it if I raised it 18 inches to the height of my existing garage floor which would make the approach unusable.

I pointed out there was a seven-foot deep basement under my existing garage. They didn’t care and said I must have snuck it by them. I brought in the 2005 plans with their stamp of approval on it. They said it didn’t matter.

I hired an attorney and appealed to the council. At least three of them had the common sense to realize that if the water reached the floor of my new garage, their road would be under four feet of water.

They allowed me to spend $800 to appeal it to the Rum River Watershed District, even though the Rum River is miles away.

The district gave the OK if I would file court documents holding the city and district blameless if my new garage got wet. I did so.

Since they didn’t tell me up front all the hoops they would make me jump through and money I would have to spend, I can only wonder who they are really working for.

Surely, not the average Andover citizen. And it appears they are accountable only to their own agendas. It would be nice somehow if actions were being watched over by a competent administrator.

The building inspectors were reasonable and courteous; however, I found the rest of the people I dealt with to be arbitrary and capricious and wonder if they treat everyone they deal with in this manner.

After being an Andover resident since 1971, it shouldn’t have cost me $6,405 to build a $20,000 garage.

Boyd Barrott

Wellness van attraction

To the Editor:

Our neighborhood in Spring Lake Park has come together for a Night to Unite picnic for many years, getting to know our neighbors better, playing games and eating.

This year, we added another attraction. The Unity/Mercy Wellness Van came to our block, and between 6 and 8 p.m. screened 39 folks, proving them with information about their cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, and their blood pressures.

One by one, each had a private interpretation of their numbers and was given information about next steps to take to get healthier, all at no charge.

The wellness van is a new, converted RV, staffed by Allina professionals who can come to your event or place of business.

As you plan next year’s neighborhood gathering, think about adding a health improvement dimension. If a difference is made in even one life it is well worth the time!

Rosemary Esler
Spring Lake Park

Parking in Anoka

To the Editor.

Of the 14,000 people that work in the city of Anoka, 99 out of every 100 employees are provided a place to park when they come to work.

One in a hundred has to pay. They can pay the city for a parking permit out of their own paycheck (assuming the responsibility of the property owner) or they can take their chances with the heavily regulated parking and perhaps pay one of the hundreds of tickets that are issued every month just downtown.

So who are these people that have to pay? They are the waiters, waitresses and cooks in your favorite pub on Jackson Street.

They are the salespeople, clerks and shelf stockers’ on Main Street, down Second Avenue and First.

So the next time you’re downtown whether it be for antiques or art, food or a beverage, ask the person if they are provided a parking spot. Keep it in mind when it comes time to tip, because all of the “one in a hundreds” work downtown.

On the other hand, you can make a real change and ask your city council to remove the word “employees” from the exception in the city code, available on the city website for all to read. Under “City Code” Chapter 74, section 74-522.

I hope, if you are fortunate enough to be provided parking where you work, you will stand up for the few that are left. They are the “ones”

Pat Walker

Slippery slope argument

To the Editor:

I am writing to address Barb Anderson’s letter from Aug. 16, 2013. After reading Mrs. Anderson’s letter I would like her to answer a question.

Can you name one person who actually advocates for pedophiles to have the right to engage in pedophilic acts or who thinks pedophilic behavior is appropriate?

Mrs. Anderson, pedophilic behavior is never consensual, and by definition, it could never be consensual.

If I ever met someone who advocated in favor of pedophilia I know what I would do. I would turn his or her name over to law enforcement and encourage them to keep an eye out on this person.

I believe you know that you make a slippery slope argument that is preposterous. Yet you insist on using it to try to scare people.

Fortunately, most people in our community are wise enough to see through your ploy.

Dan Rebek
Coon Rapids

Enablers of the system

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the letter that was written by Vicki Lechelt in regards to welfare fraud.

She talked about food stamps and how billions of dollars were being wasted on people who used them fraudulently.

Yet, as she stated in her letter, she personally knows people who are committing the fraud.

I am wondering why she isn’t reporting these people to the authorities? If she knows of a fraud and doesn’t say anything, isn’t she helping people get away with something that is illegal?

She complained about the enablers in the system and yet she is one herself.

She talked about people being immoral, but she is being immoral by not reporting these people she supposedly knows.

Lynn Anderson

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