Letters to the Editor for Sept. 6, 2013

Play based on a lie

To the Editor:

I couldn’t agree more with Sue Wood’s Aug. 16 letter “Coarsening of Society” regarding “The Laramie Project” play that is coming in September to Lyric Arts in Anoka.

Why this family theater has chosen to have this play is beyond me, since this play is based on a lie.

The death of Matthew Shepard was tragic, but he wasn’t killed because he was gay as the play portrays.

It was because two meth-heads, Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson both with troubled backgrounds, were looking for drug money.

McKinney encountered the well-dressed Shepard at a bar and assumed he had a lot of cash.

This play is also offensive to Christians as it depicts Matthew Shepard as a Christ-figure martyr when he is tied up and being beaten on the fence.

If you want to take your family to a performance that is based on a lie and is offensive to Christians, this is the play for you.

As for me, I will not attend, nor will I take our children and friends. I am saddened Lyric Arts has opted to go down this path.

Sue Peterson
Ham Lake

Legacy of King speech

To the Editor:

The legacy of Martin Luther King’s “Dream” speech can be stated in one sentence: “You don’t have to carry a gun to make epic change in America.”

A half-century ago only a handful of minorities held public offices. Today, we have a black president and hundreds of minorities in civic posts.

Fifty years ago the word “diversity” was almost unknown. Today, just the use of the “n” word can bring litigation, cost jobs or evoke boycotts.

Said differently, King gave Americans a new set of instructions for their “coloring books.” Everyone new the sky is colored blue, that a spring lawn is green and that a fire truck is red.

But we had always argued (often violently) about what to color man.

Rev. King gave us the answer: Do not color him a yellow man, do not color him a black man, nor a white man. Color him (her) a human.

When we establish a federal holiday to honor a minority, we proclaim our values to the world, and we reaffirm the nonviolent “Dream” of a visionary leader.

We heard you, Martin. And 50 years later, we are still working on it.

Mark Welter

Mission to end hunger

To the Editor:

I want to thank the organizers, speakers, and participants of the Food Access Summit which met in Duluth Aug. 13-15.

It was wonderful to meet with over 500 like-minded individuals who believe in the basic right of all people to access nutritious food for themselves and their families.

It was inspiring to spend three days talking about ways to improve the delivery of healthy food to all communities here in Minnesota.

For those of us who understand the direct correlation between poverty, hunger and disease it is hard to comprehend any talk of reducing access to the food support program, SNAP.

One common theme of the conference was how all of us, who are involved in efforts to end hunger, need to come together and speak to our legislators about what is needed to help the hungry.

This also includes educational and exercise programs designed to reduce obesity which can result in diabetes and heart disease.

All of us at ACBC Food Shelf in Anoka believe in our mission to help end hunger and appreciate the need to approach a solution to this problem with an approach that includes not only charity but education, health care, and strong government programs which help to support the hungry.

In our great country, no one should go to bed hungry and it shouldn’t be easier to purchase a gun than it is to buy an apple in the inner city.

Jerri Loughry

ACBC Food Shelf manager

Support for Jim Abeler

To the Editor:

As a former editor of both the Anoka County Union and the Blaine/Spring Lake Park Life and as a registered Democrat, I urge your support for Republican Jim Abeler in the U.S. Senate race in November, 2014.

I found Jim to be a moderate, able to make a compromise, pro-education and meticulous in his thinking.

Jim is the type of candidate we all need in Washington D.C. to break the stalemate with a traitor president like Barrack Obama (i.e. NSA, Benghazi and following in the footsteps of George W).

No, readers, I am still a liberal/libertarian and I previously voted for Obama and Franken.

So, Republicans, please caucus for Abeler and get the laughing stock Franken out of D.C.

Remembering you all.

L.A. Jones
St. Louis Park

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