Life Looking Back for Sept. 6, 2013

SLP to celebrate 20th anniversary

What began a few months ago as a Spring Lake Park Jaycee project to celebrate the village’s 20th anniversary has turned into a full-fledged community effort, with the Spring Lake Park Community Celebration set to begin the evening of Friday, September 14 and run through the weekend.

– 40 years ago, Sept. 7, 1973

OEC teams capture top three international titles

Spring Lake Park’s Opportunity in Emergency Health Care (OEC) program youth teams outdid themselves this year in international competition and brought home not only the world championship trophy, but also capturing second and third places.

– 30 years ago, Sept. 9, 1983

Opening day tradition

For students at Spring Lake Park High School, the first day of school is developing its own tradition. Students are treated to an outdoor barbecue picnic and pep fest for their lunch hour. Teachers and staff serve up hot bratwurst, fresh off the grill. Students also receive fruit, milk and other assorted goodies as well.

Glenn Martin, Spring Lake Park High School principal, said the event is a way for students to know the school cares about them and is glad to have them there.

The event has become an opening day staple the last few years, and there are now three such lunches during the school year.

– 20 years ago, Sept. 10, 1993

• Compiled by Sue Austreng

Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.