Coon Rapids TCF Bank employee charged with felony theft

A Coon Rapids TCF Bank employee allegedly processed unauthorized withdrawals from the accounts of three customers causing a loss to the bank of $2,090.

The Anoka County Attorney’s Office Aug. 30 charged Jessica Catherine Greene, 18, Coon Rapids, with felony theft and attempted theft charges. Her first court appearance is scheduled for Oct. 9.

According to the complaint, on three occasions July 18, 21 and 26 with three different customers, Greene processed transactions completed a withdrawal ticket recording the amount in the check field for a customer to sign.

Then after it had been signed, she allegedly added a figure to the cash field on the withdrawal ticket, but the cash was not given to the customer.

In each case, Greene’s cash drawer was allegedly not out of balance at the end of the shift.

The July 18 incident was captured on video surveillance which allegedly confirmed the cash was not given to the customer.

Later that morning, Greene was allegedly seen taking money from the teller cash recycle without having a customer transaction and was observed on video surveillance counting $2,400 in hundreds from her teller cash draw.

Then later that day, Greene was allegedly observed removing the hundreds from her teller drawer, going off camera and when she returned with the hundreds, only $1,400 in hundreds were placed back in the cash drawer.

Following the July 21 incident, the customer’s account was allegedly reimbursed by Greene from another customer’s account July 26 without the customer being present.

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