Woman faces forgery charge

A fraudulent check for more than $1,500 has resulted in a felony charge being brought against a 20-year-old woman in Anoka County District Court.

Ligrecia Suquinna Hamer, 20, of Minneapolis, was arraigned in court Aug. 30 on an offering a forged check charge after she allegedly attempted to cash a check from a man she did not know.

Spring Lake Park Police responded to the Your Exchange Check Cashing business, 8187 University Ave., around 2:30 p.m. Aug. 28.

At that location, Hamer offered a Wells Fargo check for $1,595 written to herself, the complaint alleges.

Another business, located on Highway 65, phoned Your Exchange earlier with a tip about two females trying to cash a fraudulent check at its establishment, so Your Exchange called the police, according to the complaint. Police spoke with the holder of the checking account, who said that he had not written a check to Hamer and believed the check was stolen by the people that clean his home, the complaint alleges.

Hamer allegedly told police that someone named Brittany who works for a cleaning service in Minneapolis had instructed her to cash the check and keep half of the money.

Hamer said she did not know the man whose name was on the account, according to the complaint.

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