Union Looking Back for Sept. 13, 2013

Street talk

Heard some ladies ‘tother day complaining of too much noise in Anoka and it made them nervous and their rest was disturbed in the morning. The street car going around the curve gave them the shivers, and the steam cars made so much noise they couldn’t hear themselves think. This isn’t a very noisy town. In fact, I think we need more noise here — noise made by workers and traffic. To me there’s always something pleasant in the hammering of the riveters on the big buildings.

– 100 years ago, Sept. 17, 1913

Trinity Episcopal Church celebrates eightieth Sunday

Trinity Episcopal church of Anoka is to observe its eightieth anniversary on Sunday, September 18 with services throughout the day.

For 80 years Trinity church has been one of the religious centers of Anoka. Her walls have sheltered many a hardy saint from such men as Jackson Kemper the first missionary bishop, who laid the cornerstone of the present building in 1859, and Harry Benjamin Whipple who consecrated the building in 1860, to those countless unsung heroes not known only to God.

– 75 years ago, Sept. 14, 1938

Friday the 13th unlucky?

Don’t you believe it! Flaunting the traditional “jinx day” by walking under a ladder – and with a black cat about to cross their paths – Mercy Hospital Fund Appeal leaders, Mrs. Norman Beckwall and Winslow Chamberlain. Mrs. Beckwall, co-chairman of the Coon Rapids area in the drive for $600,000 for the new hospital, and Mr. Chamberlain, chairman of the fund appeal’s Neighborhood Division, defy superstition with good reason: Volunteers  working under their direction have topped the $120,000 goal set for the Neighborhood Divison by nearly $326,000.

– 50 years ago, Sept. 13, 1963

The crown jewel of Anoka

A dream come true for Gretchen Carlson.

“Her future plans include attending an out of state college, playing her violin and maybe then someday competing in the Miss America Pageant.” (Gretchen Carlson’s aspirations as noted in the 1984 Anoka High School Yearbook).

Gretchen Elizabeth Carlson was right on track when she listed what was in store for her future back in 1984 … but Carlson, 22, left out one small detail in that yearbook excerpt. She did more than just compete in the Miss America Pageant–she won it.

– 25 years ago, Sept. 16, 1988

• Compiled by Sue Austreng

Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.