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Notice is hereby given that the Anoka City Council will meet on Monday, October 7, 2013 at 7:00 p.m., in the council chambers of Anoka City Hall, 2015 First Avenue to pass upon the assessment for services against property for the following reasons, to-wit; weed and diseased tree removal, false alarms, delinquent utility accounts; and other miscellaneous services to the public including removal of public health hazards from private property, and for the confirmation and certification therefore: services in the entire City of Anoka.
The proposed assessments are on file for public inspection at my office. Such assessment shall be payable in one installment on or before November 15, 2013, and shall bear interest at the rate of 4.00 percent per annum from the date of the adoption of this assessment.
The owner of any property so assessed may, at any time prior to the certification of the assessment to the Property Records & Taxation office of Anoka County, pay the whole of assessment on such property, with interest accrued to the date of payment, to the city of Anoka, except that no interest shall be charged if the entire assessment is paid within thirty (30) days from the adoption of this assessment. You may, thereafter, pay to the Property Records & Taxation office of Anoka County, the principal and interest in process of collection on the current tax list with interest accrued to December 31st of the year in which payment is made.
Written or oral objections will be considered at the meeting, but the council may consider any objection to the amount of a proposed individual assessment at an adjourned meeting upon such further notice to the affected property owners, as it deems advisable. An owner may appeal an assessment to district court pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, Section 429.081, by serving notice of the appeal upon the Mayor or City Manager within thirty (30) days after the adoption of this assessment and filing such notice with the district court within ten (10) days after service upon the Mayor or City Manager; however, no appeal may be taken as to the amount of any individual assessment unless a written objection signed by the affected property owner is filed with the City Manager prior to the assessment hearing or presented to the presiding officer at the hearing.
Under Minnesota Statutes, Section 435.193 to 435.195, the council may, in its discretion, defer the payment of this special assessment for any homestead property owned by a person 65 years of age or older, or retired by virtue of a permanent or total disability, for whom it would be a hardship to make the payments. When deferment of the special assessment has been granted and is terminated for any reason provided in that law, all amounts accumulated plus applicable interest become due. Any assessed property owner meeting the requirements of the law and the resolution adopted under it may apply to the City Manager for the prescribed form for such deferment or payment of this special assessment.
Amy T. Oehlers
City Clerk
Published in the
Anoka County Union
September 20, 2013

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