Life Looking Back for Sept. 20, 2013

House in lake is discovered by Spring Lake ecology divers

The Spring Lake Dive for Ecology was a resounding success as it brought out over 40 divers who discovered the remains of the house but the event also showed that the lake was not in good condition so that junk and other articles could be found in abundance.

– 40 years ago, Sept. 21, 1973

SLP teachers file for mediation

Add the name of the Spring Lake Park Federation of Teachers to the list of those who have filed for mediation.

After the seventh negotiating session Sept. 12 the SLPFT requested that a mediator be brought in for further bargaining talks. Little progress on major items of the contract was given on the mediation petition filed by the union’s representative Larry Seavert.

Although the gap between the two sides is wide the direction of past sessions has been towards each other, not apart.

– 30 years ago, Sept. 23, 1983

Got to dance

Three stages occupied Northtown Mall on Sept. 18 in a celebration of dance. At each stage there was grace, elegance and a flair for the dramatic.

The United States Amateur Ballroom Dance Association held the grand finale of National Ballroom Dance Week with a wonderful display of smooth, rhythm and country western dancing.

– 20 years ago, Sept. 24, 1993

• Compiled by Sue Austreng

Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.