Cooks from Coon Rapids to offer cooking classes

Looking to broaden your cooking skills? Do you want to learn how to cook authentic cuisine famous in other countries and meet new friends at the same time? The Coon Rapids Civic Center invites residents to sign up for a new series of cooking classes called, “Coon Rapids Cooks!”

Ade Shosanya
Ade Shosanya

Ade Shosanya will present an African cooking class, Mama’s Home Cooking, featuring chicken stew with rice, fried plantain, mixed vegetables and Mandarin cake with whip cream.

Two different class times are offered – Tuesday, Oct, 1, 6–9 p.m., and Saturday, Oct. 5, 9 a.m. to noon. Bring a container for any left-over goodies.

Shosanya started cooking at the age of eight in her mother’s restaurant kitchen in Nigeria. She has been cooking professionally in the United States since 2001, currently as the head chef for Maple Grove Hospital.

“Working in food service has given me an opportunity to work with many chefs and to also train other cooks,” Shosanya said.

“We are always learning new cooking techniques, which makes it fun.

“With my years of experience, I welcome the opportunity to teach others how to cook wonderful meals. I am excited to do this; I believe we will all have fun together.”

There is a class fee. To sign up for the Mama’s Home Cooking class, contact Shosanya at 763-503-7857 or [email protected]

Mike Grillo of Grillo Food & Services will present the second class, featuring classic French cuisine, along with Eli Tipoh of The Saint Paul Hotel.

The first two weeks of the class will cover food safety, knife skills, cooking methods, chicken stock and how to make a demi glaze. During weeks four through six, students will cook and eat a three-course regional meal together, along with discussing the flavors and history of each meal.

The class begins Saturday, Oct. 12, from 8 a.m. to noon, and continues on the following five Saturday mornings. The class fee includes hands-on experience and tips from two chefs trained at Le Cordon Blue, a chef coat and apron, chef knife, cutting board and all the equipment needed to create a gourmet meal.

The class is limited to 10 students.

To sign up go to

For more information, contact Grillo directly at 612-578-6358 or email [email protected]

“I would like us to have a family meal together and talk about the food…to experience the flavors together and to understand how we achieved those flavors by using the different cooking methods,” Grillo said.

“I will also provide boxes ‘to-go’ so you can take some food home to your family to try. You’ll also leave with recipe information so you can re-create these wonderful meals for all of your family and friends to enjoy.”

According to Lori Anderson, facilities coordinator with the Coon Rapids Civic Center, these classes will provide an opportunity to experience new cooking methods and try new foods.

“You may even learn about new traditions and cultural experiences along the way,” Anderson said. “We plan to offer a wide variety of classes from African cooking to Asian cooking and everything in between.”

The Coon Rapids Civic Center is looking for additional cooking and baking experts to teach as part of the “Coon Rapids Cooks!” program. People interested in teaching a course (or a single class) should contact Anderson at 763-767-6522.

People do not need to be a professional chef to teach a course, Anderson said.

Anyone with cooking knowledge, who is willing to share their skills, is encourage to apply, she said.

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