Union Looking Back for Sept. 20, 2013

Good roads convention!

The good roads convention was held at the court house Friday as per schedule and resulted in a vote of 30 to 6 against issuing bonds. The town expressed a desire for systematic road work, and outlined what roads they desired improved.

– 100 years ago, Sept. 24, 1913

District court to open here Monday with only 15 criminal cases on docket

Short calendar also has twenty-seven civil cases to be tried during term. District court convenes Monday, September 26th with Judge Leonard Keyes, presiding. Gordon R. Griffiths is court stenographer. The calendar is short. There are 15 criminal cases, ten of them are probation matters.

– 75 years ago, Sept. 21, 1938

Greenhaven dirt may be moved for future park fill

A plan to cut down the hilly 16th fairway at Greenhaven Country club, supply dirt for the highway 10 by-pass and fill for Anoka’s nearby vacated land fill area was considered by the City Commission Monday.

The 16th has long been regarded by golfers as a “rough” and “blind” fairway, with stray golf balls occasionally sailing onto adjoining residential Highland Park.

– 50 years ago, Sept. 20, 1963

Concern voiced over District 11 class sizes

Class sizes in District 11 elementary schools have sparked concerns for many parents. Some elementary classes exceed 30 students.

A group of district parents are concerned that overcrowding exists in about eight elementary schools. And because of this concern, parents hope they can remedy the situation when they bring the issue to the District 11 School Board Monday.

– 25 years ago, Sept. 23, 1988

• Compiled by Sue Austreng

Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.