Man allegedly damages home, inside and out

A man has been charged with a felony in Anoka County District Court for allegedly causing damage both inside and outside a Coon Rapids residence.

Brandon James Jotblad, 22, St. Paul, was arraigned in court Sept. 10 on a first-degree criminal damage to property charge.

Bail was set at $20,000 and Jotblad’s next court hearing in Oct. 8.

The early morning hours of Sept. 8, Coon Rapids Police responded to a complaint about a white male standing outside a residence on the 200 block of 112th Lane NW throwing bricks through a window, according to the complaint.

A male, identified as Jotblad, was found standing in front of a green Chevrolet Tahoe parked at the residence.

A review of the squad car video of the officer approaching the home allegedly showed Jotblad holding a landscaping brick and throwing it at the Tahoe.

Officers allegedly observed significant damage to the Tahoe and to two other vehicles parked at the residence, while many of the home’s windows had been broken out.

A resident at the home told police she was awakened by someone throwing clothes on her and alleged that it was Jotblad, whom no one at the residence knew.

Her boyfriend tried to get Jotblad out of the home, but the woman alleged Jotblad became confrontational, threatened to kill them and when her boyfriend was able to get him out of the house, Jotblad began throwing landscaping bricks from the front yard through the windows, one of the bricks breaking a large fish tank.

Damage to the vehicles and the residence well exceeds $1,000, the threshold for a felony charge, according to the complaint.

In a post-Miranda statement, Jotblad alleged he had been drinking a lot  that evening and did not remember anything that had occurred.

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