Wi-Fi now available on all Northstar Commuter Rail trains

All Metro Transit Northstar Commuter Rail trains now provide an area offering complimentary Wi-Fi service for customers.

Northstar now offers Wi-Fi. File photo by Eric Hagen
Northstar now offers Wi-Fi. File photo by Eric Hagen

The cab car of each train is marked with graphics inside and out that designate it as the location for free customer Wi-Fi access.

Northstar commuter trains have between four and six passenger cars and cab cars are always located farthest from the locomotive. Each passenger car seats about 145 customers and can accommodate many more standing; each three-level car also has 10 electrical outlets throughout.

Some restrictions will apply to the onboard network (available as “TransitWi-Fi”): questionable content will be blocked and download sizes and streaming rates will be limited in order to best provide quality access to the largest number of customers.

Of interest to customers using the new Wi-Fi network, Minnesota Public Radio recently expanded a Sound Point audio project that narrates historical features and items of interest via mobile device between stations as well as along the full 49-minute end-to-end Northstar trip.

The 40-mile Northstar commuter rail line operates six trips during both morning and afternoon rush hours each weekday between Big Lake and Target Field in Minneapolis. Service also operates on weekends and for special events such as Twins and Vikings games.

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