Bridgeview drop-in center moves to Fridley

The Bridgeview Community Support Program will move from its current Spring Lake Park location to Fridley this weekend.

Bridgeview, a drop-in center for adults with serious and persistent mental illnesses, is part of the Lee Carlson Center for Mental Health & Well-Being.

Bridgeview will close Sept. 26 for the move to 7920 University Ave., a location adjacent to the Lee Carlson Center’s Main Clinic. Staff said that they aim to reopen Oct. 1 in the new facility.

Operating out of a building at 1121 80th Ave. NE since 1994, Bridgeview provides adults with mental illnesses support through programming and social connections. The program celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

Program Assistant Lisa Linz estimates that 30 people from around Anoka County utilize Bridgeview’s services every day.

Cramped for space, Bridgeview will move about one-and-a-half miles to a location with nearly double the area – from 2,200 square feet to about 5,000.

More meeting spaces, parking and an art studio are welcome additions, Linz said.

The building in Spring Lake Park needed a lot of work, according to Patty Halvorson, marketing and development manager for the center. Stairs were one issue since some Bridgeview regulars have limited mobility, Halvorson said.

The new facility is a single level. “The members are really excited because the staircase was kind of a hindrance for some people,” Linz said.

Perhaps the only downside is the loss of kitchen facilities, staff said.

Bridgeview often provides lunch for members, so with no place to prepare food, staff is asking for businesses, churches and community organizations to donate meals on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

On Wednesday, Oct. 23, Bridgeview will open its doors for an open house from 4-8 p.m.

To volunteer or get more information, call Halvorson at 763-230-7836 or email her at Visit the center’s website at

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