Church exiles called home in new play

New Seed Theatre’s new play, “Ed (the girl),” premiering Oct. 4 and running through Oct. 12, is more than just a comic church satire. New Seed Theatre would say “it’s the stepping stone to a new kind of church.”

ArtsNewSeedTheatreThe play itself follows a female art student named Edith or “Ed” who takes a job at her family’s church because she ran out of money. When the loopy reverend puts her in charge of some things, Ed is forced into the dark underworld of church politics.

Humor ensues as she navigates committee formation, passive/aggressive marriage proposals and Jesus-ified pop songs all in hopes of finding a community and space of her own.

Art reflects life in that the space Ed is looking for is the same kind of space New Seed Theatre is trying to create with its performances.

Partnering with local churches New Seed Theatre is attempting to open spaces for believers and non-believers to meet and form community without judgment.

“The classroom style church that was set up by the Reformation is no longer the best way to love our neighbors,” said Nathaniel Norton, owner and artistic director of New Seed Theatre.

“Just as the printing press and systematic ways of thinking forced the creation of the classroom style church via the Reformation, new technology and narrative ways of thinking demand another change. Not that we throw out the last 500 years, instead we improve it by looking from a different angle.”

Tickets are $6 and available at or at the door the day of the performance.

Performance dates are as follows. Curtain rises at 7 p.m.

• Friday, Oct. 4 at Hope Fellowship in Ramsey

• Saturday, Oct. 5 at Coon Rapids Evangelical Free Church

• Tuesday, Oct. 8 at Aldrich Church in Minneapolis

• Friday, Oct. 11 at Central Baptist in St. Paul

• Saturday, Oct. 12 at the University of Minnesota through InterVarsity (exact location to be announced). This performance, sponsored by Coon Rapids Evangelical Free Church, is free of charge.

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