Letters to the Editor for Oct. 4, 2013

Walking and biking

To the Editor:

I want to talk about alcohol and drugs. I was set up on drugs in 1983 and I started to biking around Elm Creek Park up to 150 miles a day, and I did this until 1991.

I made a big mistake by working at a bar in Champlin. I had some drinks on the weekend when the band came and I would dance polkas.

I walked from my apartment in Anoka to the Legion and when I got done working I would walk back to my apartment in Anoka.

I worked there about eight years, and then I started driving school bus at Kottkes Bus in Andover. I lasted until Christmas because of the gold mine I got people into in Montana.

I then went to Osseo Brooklyn Park School Bus and I did not have a car, so I rode my bike to Osseo and back to Anoka twice a day or 37 miles a day.

I drove until June 6, 2003 and the last day I walked to my apartment in Anoka. The next day I walked to Northtown and the next couple days I walked to the State Capitol in St. Paul and all the way back to Osseo. I made the round trip 17 times.

I have walked from Osseo to Anoka and on to Northtown many times. I have walked around Elm Creek several times. I worked as a janitor for nine months in the Anoka School District and I rode my bike around the school district.

I have walked 20,700 miles and biked 55,000 miles.

I want to talk about health care for everybody. It’s called walking and biking life long, and for the alcohol and drugs they have to walk and bike to regain oxygen in their organs and liver.

Ever since I rode my bike 55,000 miles I have had a tough time to keep a job because of them using the drugs against me.

I feel I have been done wrong in life. After four times around the world, I want to drive a school bus and be left alone so I can concentrate on my job.

I want to make $1,750 to pay a attorney to write a plan of operation on the mine I have control of, so I can pay back the investors I took money from back in 1983 before they leave this world.

I want to add something. When I was training for running marathons I would put on a sweatsuit and turn the furnace up to 90 degrees and jump rope 10,000 times a day for one full year.

When I was running marathons, I ran from the farm on the West River Road to the Osseo school and did that twice a day for over two years.

Gary Holsten
Spring Lake Park

Support for Baltich

To the Editor:

On Nov. 5 we will make an important decision about who will represent us in our schools. I support Grace Baltich for Anoka Hennepin School Board because she understands the importance of parent involvement in the schools and on the board.

She has kids in our schools. She seeks out other parents whose kids will be affected by school policy and operations. She listens and cares about what parents have to say about how the schools are run.

Parents can and should have a strong input into how our schools work, and Grace Baltich is the candidate to help make that happen.

I hope we have a good turnout on Nov. 5, and that Grace Baltich is our next Anoka-Hennepin School Board representative.

David Bolt

Books and education

To the Editor:

I would like to applaud and agree with Michele Behnke-Nead’s letter from the Sept. 13 edition titled “Keep book in library.”

The people on the very far right seem to have nothing better to do than to try and control the lives of the rest of us.

I have not seen or read “Eleanor & Park,” but I want those who want to do so to have that opportunity. If you are one of those people who do not want to read or have their children exposed to that book then that should be your right, too.

This is not a difficult concept. Every American should be able to choose what to read or not read.

Book banning is a practice of totalitarian regimes in order to suppress the right of their citizens to be informed.

She is absolutely correct that our children in order to learn to make good choices in their lives need to be exposed to reality. What safer way than books and education. Thank you Michele.

Bob Koch

Businesses are leaving

To the Editor:

Goose Lake Farm and Winery has been in business for years, meeting all the legalities involved in operating this business.

It’s a wonderful piece of heaven, hidden away in Nowthen where you can spend time with their farm animals, sample some wine and on Saturdays you can buy goods from local artisans. It is open only a couple days a week for a few months out of the year.

Do the citizens of Nowthen know that their tax money is being spent by the city trying to shut down this business? Are they trying to shut down this 70-plus acre of paradise to sell to a developer to put up homes?

The issues that they are trying to use are both unethical and have nothing to do with planning and zoning law. They are trying to get money out of a business like they have done to many other businesses that have decided not to fight.

Instead of welcoming businesses and non-profits into Nowthen, businesses are leaving because of the harassment and high IUP and CUP charges the city is ensuing.

Instead of going after road, park and community grants because these grants are “too cumbersome to take care of and involve too many volunteers or paperwork,” the council has decided to charge businesses and home owners with planning and zoning fines and levies.

Laurie Olmon

Happy Days was success

To the Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of the residents, sponsors, volunteers and city workers that helped make the 2013 Ramsey Happy Days a success. I am so proud of the way our community pulls together to make this wonderful event a reality.

I had the pleasure of working alongside a few of Ramsey’s best. These dedicated individuals worked tirelessly to make this a safe family-friendly event.

A big thanks to Patrick Brama, city of Ramsey; Tim F.; of the Ramsey Police Department.; Meghan Mathson intern at city of Ramsey; Mike B., from the public works Department; Happy Days committee members; and all of the police explorers who helped close roads and direct traffic.

I hope that you have had an opportunity to take part in this wonderful event, and please remember to patronize Happy Days sponsors.

Thank you,
Pamela Buley, chairwoman of Ramsey Happy Days 2013

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