Union Looking Back for Oct. 11, 2013

It’s up to you

There are some subscribers on the subscription list of the Union this week who won’t be there next week. Statements were sent them Sept. 30th, and they have paid no attention and consequently Uncle Sam says “stop them” and off they come. Don’t blame the Union nor the postmaster if you don’t get the Union next week. Now these removals apply only to those who are a year behind on their subscription and you can study the date and ascertain whether it applies to you. Better settle and not feel mean, and have your paper stopped.

– 100 years ago, Oct. 15, 1913

Resorts to oxen

Mrs. Alvin H. Smith says that they have lost so many horses on the farm that they will resort to oxen as in the olden days. We understand that Hoglund Bros., renderers, hauled away 57 dead horses in three days recently. Sleeping sickness is raising havoc with the horses.

– 75 years ago, Oct. 12, 1938

Mayor asks “increase” in Greenhaven profits

Greenhaven Country club golf course is used by only a “small percentage” of the community, Mayor J. David Johnson said Monday, and suggested an increase in fees and a “different approach in certain areas of management” to raise profits.

– 50 years ago, Oct. 11, 1963

Trying to gain acceptance

Though Atlas Incinerators’ flame has been doused in Ramsey, there may be sparks igniting in Burns Township.

Atlas Incinerators, Inc., a Coon Rapids and Blaine-based company which manufactures and operates on-site incinerators, may propose to move the company to Burns Township. This proposal comes a little more than two months after the Ramsey city council unanimously voted against allowing Atlas to set up its headquarters in Ramsey.

– 25 years ago, Oct. 14, 1988

• Compiled by Sue Austreng

Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.