Guilty plea to threatening with knife

An Anoka man, accused of threatening another man with a knife, has pleaded guilty to one of two felony charges in Anoka County District Court.

Jon Sheldon Wodziak, 22, entered a guilty plea Aug. 26 to a terroristic threats charge. A second-degree assault count will be dismissed at sentencing.

The evening of Nov. 10, 2012, Anoka Police officers responded to a Fairoak Avenue address where an adult male reported that he had gone to pick up his estranged wife and attend their son’s birthday party.

As he arrived, the man stated the woman contacted him for help and ran out of the residence with her boyfriend, who he identified as Wodziak, close behind.

The man told police that Wodziak ran at him with a knife in his hand threatening to kill him, an account that the woman corroborated.

In a statement, Wodziak admitted that he did confront the man with a knife, according to the complaint.

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