Letters to the Editor for Oct. 18, 2013

Dangerous conclusion

To The Editor:

“Al Gore is falling…Al Gore is falling.” I like the part where the cartoonist recently showed that common sense leads inexorably to the conclusion that man is causing global warming. That’s bovine sludge and very dangerous.

The current total CO2 content of the atmosphere is 400 parts per million, 400 ppm. Astrophysicist Murry Salby (YouTube video) has shown, and others, that man’s contribution is 4 percent of that.

That is, man has placed CO2 in the amount of 16 ppm into the atmosphere. That 16 ppm is a horribly miniscule 1/62,500th of the atmosphere, and cannot cause Al Gore’s balonious chicken-littleisms.

Salby and others have also shown that instead of rising CO2 levels causing warming, it’s the other way round… rising temperatures vastly cause the increase in earth’s CO2 levels.

This is because the CO2 content of the oceans far overwhelms that of the atmosphere, and when earth heats, the oceans’ CO2 is more easily released into the atmosphere. To put it slightly technically: Earth’s temperature leads atmospheric CO2 concentration.

Twice as many high-level scientists and engineers deride the suggestion that man has caused global warming as believe it.

But it ain’t funny. We are due to get whacked, and we’re not prepared. Earth’s temperature rise has been taking a downturn since 1997.

Natural global warming is over. We have started on the downward slope of the sun’s 200-year sunspot cycle. We could be in big trouble.

In addition to the periodic Pacific and Atlantic ocean’ circulation cycles, which have come off of their decades long warming patterns and are now in earth-cooling mode, the sun is heading into a long-term energy decrease.

It does this faithfully in 11 and 200 year cycles.

Dr. Abdussamatov,  perhaps Russia’s pre-eminent space physicist and those ubiquitous others, warn that it is coming. He says that in the last 7,000 years or so there have been 18 deep coolings caused by the sun’s periodic decreases in energy output.

In 1683, in the middle of the Maunder Minimum, when sunspot activity was low from 1645 to 1715, the Thames River froze completely for the only time in London’s entire 2,100 year history. Relatedly, millions died in Europe from starvation and cold over decades.

Unlike almost 400 years ago, earth now has seven billion mouths to feed. And now huge standing armies and nuclear weapons exist.

Raise your hand if you think Russia and China are going to just sit there and starve and freeze to death. What about us? What are we going to do? Think about it.

Rod Bergengren
Spring Lake Park

Teachers’ choices

To the Editor:

The teachers of Anoka Hennepin Education Minnesota had the chance to interview candidates running for school board this Nov. 5.

We were particularly impressed with two of the candidates in contested races. Grace Baltich and Paul Meunier have both expertise in supporting critical student populations and good government skills.

Grace Baltich running in District 3 (Champlin, Dayton and parts of Coon Rapids) brings first hand experience working with students in her role as a social worker.

She has a wide understanding of what helps students, no matter their home situation, be resilient and successful.

Her work in mediation will undoubtedly help her work as part of a board that strives to be collaborative.

In District 4 (Ham Lake, Nowthen, and parts of Andover and Ramsey), Paul Meunier’s background as a psychologist working with at-risk Anoka-Hennepin students gives him the big picture of supporting youth.

He can see our students as more than just their academic selves and use their whole world to bolster success in school.

Meunier’s experience as mayor of Ham Lake will give our board a stronger connection to local government that can yield better cooperation and efficiencies.

We urge you to support Grace Baltich and Paul Meunier – they understand our students and they know how to lead.

Julie Blaha
President, Anoka Hennepin Education Minnesota

Wisdom is beyond years

To the Editor:

At a recent general membership meeting of Anoka’s American Legion Edward B. Cutter Post 102, we received a special treat when Simeon Toronto, a 17-year-old high school senior from Andover, came to speak to us.

Our Anoka post sponsored Simeon as our representative to Boys State held this past June on the campus of Southwest State University in Marshall.

At the week-long event, where all the participants are sponsored by American Legion posts, they learn about government – local, state and federal. At the end they hold a mock election for governor and senator as well as for other offices.

Simeon was elected governor at Boys State for Minnesota and was therefore entitled to compete in the election for president of Boys Nation held in Washington, D.C. this past August.

The Andover High School senior will tell you that he was neither the smartest nor the most eloquent when competing for both Boys State and Boys Nation.

But he speaks with qualities like civility, respect, being a good listener, disagreeing without being disagreeable – virtues which he successfully demonstrates when interacting with others.

Beyond any question, he comes from a superb family where discipline is practiced, love abounds and positive reinforcement is freely given.

He has demonstrated that he is charismatic, self-confident and displays a kind of wisdom far beyond his 17 years.

He loves the American Legion and pays the Legionnaires great respect for their sacrifices on behalf of our country when they were young and for their continued service to the aging veterans and to the communities in which they live.

We at Post 102 are very proud of him and were pleased that he came to speak to us at our meeting.

Afterwards, he shook hands with all of us and made an effort to get to know something about each of us. We invited him to dine with us after the meeting and spent a pleasant hour socializing with him.

Simeon Toronto is only the second young man from Minnesota to be elected president of Boys Nation in its 67-year history. This is an honor which may not come again for a while.

We do not know what the future holds for Simeon, but for those of us over 60 and who aren’t likely to be around for too many more decades, what a bright future this country would have with only a few thousand Simeon Torontos to take our place.

Doug Sturgill, second vice commander, Edward B. Cutter Post 102

Excellent addition

To the Editor:

Our early learners deserve a school board member who is committed to early childhood education.

Grace Baltich knows that the choices families make in those first five years can impact their children for a lifetime;

She understands it is vital that families get the information and resources they need so they can make the right choices for their family.

Grace Baltich is passionate about early childhood learning and advocacy. She would make an excellent addition to the Anoka-Hennepin School Board.

Join me in supporting Grace Baltich Nov. 5. A vote for Grace is a vote for all kids!

Thank you,
Kari Maciej
Free To Be Me Child Care, Champlin

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