Union Looking Back for Oct. 18, 2013

Don’t forget the charter

Anoka citizens to vote yes or no on this question Oct. 28. Practically perfect. Those who have studied it say it is all that could be asked for. Anoka will vote on the proposed new charter Oct. 28. It is the duty of every voter to read the charter and vote intelligently. Don’t take anyone’s opinion. Have one of your own.

– 100 years ago, Oct. 22, 1913

Sideline coats in use last Friday

Ten of the new sideline coats given to the Anoka high school football team made their appearance Friday afternoon at the Anoka-Robbinsdale contest. The coats are gold in color and are hooded, waterproof and extra warm. An additional twelve coats are expected this week. The coats are a gift of the Anoka American Legion Post and have the insignia of the Legion stencilled on the back of each coat. The design and stencil work was done by George Veidt and Harold Blewett and is a splendid job.

– 75 years ago, Oct. 19, 1938

Does city really want new Rum River dam?

Do Anokans really want to spend the money for a new dam across the Rum River?

“Things are getting worse at the present dam,” City Engineer Robert Johnson told the City Commission Monday. The “things” in this case are two more holes that had to be patched last week.

– 50 years ago, Oct. 18, 1963

High voter turnout goal of company

In the era of major network political campaigns, it seems politicking at the grassroots level has fallen by way of the soapbox.

But officials at Federal-Hoffman, Inc., Anoka, want to put an end to the recent years of low voter turnouts.

And such was the effort during the week of Oct. 10 when Federal-Hoffman hosted a “Lunch With The Candidates” program.

– 25 years ago, Oct. 21, 1988

• Compiled by Sue Austreng

Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.