Charges filed after man shows gun at business

A man who produced a gun at a Coon Rapids auto dealership during business hours last week faces two charges in Anoka County District Court.

Ryan Lee Dupay, 30, Andover, was arraigned in court Oct. 11 on gross misdemeanor negligent storage of a firearm (child can access) and misdemeanor reckless handling or use of a dangerous weapon charges.

A 911 call shortly before 1:30 p.m. Oct. 9 by a male, later identified as Dupay, stating that he was at McCarthy’s Auto World in Coon Rapids and that “someone had a hit on him” sent police to the dealership.

En route officers received two more calls from the dealership reporting that a male inside the business was flashing a gun around, according to the complaint.

A description of the suspect was given to the police and they located Dupay sitting in the waiting area of the dealership, where they arrested him without incident.

A McCarthy employee told police that Dupay walked into his office saying he had an emergency and called 911, allegedly stating that people were trying to kill him and he needed police right away.

The complaint alleges that Dupay stood up, pulled a gun out of his waistband, put it on the desk of the employee and told him to hold it or hide it.

The employee alleged that Dupay told him that he was going to his car, then picked up the gun, went into an office and hid the weapon in an umbrella before going to a receptionist and telling her to call police.

When officers located the gun, they found that it was loaded.

There were both employees and customers inside and outside the dealership at the time of the incident, including children who could have accessed the office where Dupay left the gun, the complaint alleges.

According to the police report, Dupay told officers he was scared of the Mafia, appeared nervous and scared and ducked down in the police squad car to avoid being seen.

Dupay was initially jailed for probable cause felony terroristic threats, but the Anoka County Attorney’s Office declined to file a felony charge and instead forwarded the case to the Coon Rapids City Attorney’s Office, which filed the gross misdemeanor and misdemeanor charges.

According to Amanda Vickstrom, Anoka County Attorney’s Office spokesperson, state law requires a finding of a “probable direct threat to someone” for a felony terroristic threats charge and that threshold was not met in this case.

The court ordered Dupay to a hospital, suspended his gun permit and ordered that his gun collection be turned over the police, which has occurred,

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