Life Looking Back for Nov. 1, 2013

Halvorson retires

After 19 seasons at Spring Lake Park in the head coaching position of the Panther football team, Dennis Halvorson has stepped down.

Halvorson stated two reasons why he was retiring: first with Spring Lake Park and the Skyline Conference realigning, it would be a good time to have a new coach come in and start over in a new situation. The other reason given was that Halvorson would like to spend more time with his sons who will soon be entering high school age.

– 40 years ago, Nov. 2, 1973

Town meetings focus on drug abuse

Town meetings this week at various locations in the county focused on teen use of drugs and alcohol.

“How would you deal with your child if he came home drunk?” a University of Minnesota students asked a parent.

“I don’t know,” she replied. “I honestly don’t know.”

– 30 years ago, Nov. 4, 1983

The first time District 11’s bond, excess levy referendums defeated

Anoka-Hennepin voters for the first time in their history rejected a plan to build more schools.

The district’s $59 million bond referendum went down to defeat. The district’s $3.5 million excess levy referendum failed by an even wider margin.

– 20 years ago, Nov. 5, 1993

• Compiled by Sue Austreng

Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.