Ramsey man accused of fleeing police while driving drunk

A Ramsey man was allegedly fleeing police while driving drunk in his vehicle on Highway 10 in Coon Rapids the early morning hours of Oct. 5.

Aaron Russell Lewis, 40, was arraigned in Anoka County District Court Oct. 8 on a felony fleeing police in a motor vehicle charge as well as two gross misdemeanor DWI counts.

Shortly after 1 a.m. Oct. 5, an Anoka Police officer working patrol for the Anoka County DWI Task Force in a marked squad car on Highway 10 received a report of a full-sized SUV driving in the ditch of westbound Highway 10 near Foley Boulevard.

Armed with a partial license plate number, the officer maintained surveillance of traffic on westbound Highway 10 and saw an SUV, with a license including the same letters, although not in the same order, and the same numbers that he had been given, travel westbound under the Hanson Boulevard bridge, then increase speed as it passed him and straddle the lane lines, according to the complaint.

The officer activated the emergency lights and siren on his squad, but the SUV allegedly continued westbound without stopping, weaving across the westbound lanes at speeds varying from 40 to 65 mph before nearly leaving the roadway near the Seventh Avenue exit in Anoka and almost striking, or did so, the guard rail going under the Fourth Avenue bridge.

The SUV exited Highway 10 at Ferry Street where Anoka Police officers blocked the top of the ramp with their squads, stopping the vehicle.

The complaint alleges that the eyes of the driver, identified as Lewis, were bloodshot and watery and he was having difficulty maintaining his balance.

Lewis was unable to perform two of the field sobriety tests and after being read the state implied consent advisory, he was given a breath test, which indicated a blood-alcohol content of .20.

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