2013 Election Day results in Anoka County

Election night in Anoka County included races for the Anoka-Hennepin, Spring Lake Park and St. Francis school boards and a park bond referendum in Coon Rapids.


Four representatives, two of them incumbents, re-elected to the St. Francis School Board


Four incumbents re-elected to the Spring Lake Park School Board


Coon Rapids voters approve park bond referendum


One new member on the Anoka-Hennepin School Board

  • Greg Leone

    Parks Bond vote was really close, within 3%. As hard as the Mayor, Council and City pushed for this, I thought it would be a landslide. Thanks to all who voted against the referendum, hey, we tried. To all who voted for it, I hope it works out but at some point, Americans in every city need to realize that borrowing our way to prosperity will not.

  • rockford pi

    Thanks to all my fellow citizens who decided this was a worthy use of our tax dollars. This is not intended to alow us to “prosper:. Just enjoy the jewels that are our parks. It is nice to live in a community where people want to push for the best and not just let everything deteriorate. Thank you.

    • Greg Leone

      You are absolutely correct, Rockford pi. We shouldn’t let things deteriorate. My issue with the parks bond is that we will be wasting over $5 million on financing. We should spend what we can afford to spend and keep reevaluating as we go, but this council threw their hands up at that notion and said that that approach never works. Selling bonds to pay for non-essentials is the easy route, not the courageous one. So, you got what you wanted. Congrats, can’t wait to see what the next massive public spending project will be! Got to be something to fill our time in the winter, you know, the season that takes up half the year.