Union Looking Back for Nov. 8, 2013


Young man met death in Leeman lake while skating. An extremely sad drowning occurred yesterday in Champlin shortly after noon. Ralph Trussell, son of Mrs. Geo. Stout, and his little sister Evalyn Stout went for a skate on Leeman lake. Complete particulars are not obtainable, but the little girl who is only six summoned help from the nearest neighbors saying Ralph had fallen in the water. The body was recovered soon and taken to W.H. Stout’s home and Drs. Caine and Frank worked over him a long time, but of no avail. George Stout was in Minneapolis and was expected home on the afternoon train.

The boy was a bright young man, with a large circle of friends.

Entertains schoolmates

Walter Annon and Robert Lorenz entertained a group of seventeen boys and girls at the home of the former Friday evening.
Supper was served after which the young people enjoyed the remainder of the time in playing games.

– 75 years ago, Nov. 9, 1938

“We’re number one!”

The victorious Anoka Tornadoes, jubilant after winning the 16th annual Pumpkin Bowl game from Greenway high school of Coleraine 39-13, received the Pumpkin Bowl trophy Thursday, climaxing the Halloween Capital of the World’s 44th celebration.

Chanting “We’re number one!” (in the state) the Men of Stan Nelson completed their ninth straight victory of the season. They are unbeaten in 24 straight games.

– 50 years ago, Nov. 8, 1963

Halsey mows down Lehmann in mayor race

It was a day for the incumbents in Anoka.

Mayor Steve Halsey, and Council members Jerry Cotten and John Mann regained their places on the Anoka City Council after the ballots were tallied Nov. 8.

The incumbents faced stiff challenges from Dick Lehmann, Bill Bune and Mel James Jr., however, the margin of victory in each race was more than 525 votes.

– 25 years ago, Nov. 11, 1988

• Compiled by Sue Austreng

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