Suspect flees accident scene, sent to prison

A man, who drove a car through the back wall of a garage at a Coon Rapids residence the night of April 23 striking two people and then drove away, has been sent to prison after pleading guilty to one of four charges in Anoka County District Court.

Brian Allen Rollefstad, 27, Coon Rapids, entered a guilty plea Oct. 21 to one count of criminal vehicular operation – driver who causes accident leaves scene, and at sentencing, Nov. 1, he was given a 19-month prison term with credit for 72 days spent in jail.

Two other felony counts of criminal vehicular operation plus a gross misdemeanor third-degree DWI charge were dismissed at sentencing.

The night of April 23, Coon Rapids Police responded to the area of Crocus Street and Hollywood Boulevard on a report from an anonymous caller that someone was yelling for the police. While en route officers were told by dispatch that another caller heard a woman screaming that someone was bleeding.

An officer spotted an open garage on Hollywood Boulevard and the back wall of the garage knocked down and severely damaged.

The officer walked through the garage to the rear patio area where he found several witnesses attempting to help an injured man and a woman.

According to the complaint, the man lying on his back on the cement patio was unresponsive with his eyes closed, while the woman, who was lying on part of the damaged wall, appeared to be awake, complaining of leg and foot pain and being very cold, but seemed to be going into shock.

Oxygen was provided to both of them and the male regained consciousness before being taken to the hospital. The woman was found to have a fractured ankle and the man multiple deep tissue bruising.

A witness who lives behind the Hollywood Boulevard residence told police she heard a loud crash, then loud screaming.

She told police that a Ford Focus had gone through the garage and was sticking out of the back wall some seven to eight feet.

A male standing outside the car then got into the vehicle and tried to back out over large amounts of debris, she said.

Another witness who lives in the area identified Rollefstad as the driver of the Ford Focus, observing him back the vehicle to the bottom of the driveway before getting out, and stating he was intoxicated, slurring his words.

When she told him the police had been called, he got back into his car and left.

Another witness interviewed by police corroborated the woman’s account of Rollefstad leaving.

Information was broadcast about the Ford Focus, including the license plate number, after it had left the scene and it was stopped by a Fridley Police officer on 95th Avenue NW in Coon Rapids where Rollefstad was taken into custody.

The car had severe front end damage to the front bumper, hood and windshield and the driver’s side outside mirror was hanging by its wires.

Arriving at the scene of the stop, a Coon Rapids officer observed that Rollefstad had difficulty maintaining his balance, his eyes were bloodshot and watery and when he spoke, he had a odor of alcohol coming from his breath.

Rollefstad admitted to the officer that he was drunk, failed field sobriety tests and blew a .164 on the preliminary breath test.

After being read the state implied consent advisory, Rollefstad stated he did not want to contact and attorney and agreed to submit to a blood test, which was taken at the hospital.

According to court records, Rollefstad has a criminal history, including a 27-month prison sentence in 2007 by Anoka County District Court after entering a guilty plea to felony terroristic threats and a 2005 felony second-degree arson conviction for which he was placed on probation for 10 years, also in Anoka County.

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