East Bethel man charged for discharging firearm in home

An East Bethel man was charged Nov. 12 by the Anoka County Attorney’s Office with a felony of recklessly discharging a firearm within a municipality.

Roy Mikle Delaney, 58, allegedly told police in a post-Miranda statement that he fired a revolver into the ceiling of his home and destroyed items to vent his anger regarding personal issues.

Authorities were called to the East Bethel home on the 800 block of 181st Avenue during the late evening hours of Nov. 8 because somebody had reported hearing gunshots, according to the criminal complaint.

Law enforcement arrived to find Delaney driving away, but were unable to get him to stop. They caught up to him a short distance later while he was walking.

He told police in a post-Miranda statement that he did not stop for the officers because he was not aware they were there until he saw them while walking.

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