Plat approved for 77-home development in Ramsey

The Ramsey City Council Oct. 22 approved a preliminary plat for a 77-lot single-family home development.

The Brookfield Fourth Addition is being developed by Capstone Homes of Ramsey north of 167th Avenue and west of Nowthen Boulevard.

According to Development Services Manager Tim Gladhill, this is part of the original Brookfield development that Oakwood Land Development started in 2005, but had to turn over to 21st Century Bank in 2009.

A stipulation the city has is that it will not be responsible for maintaining the private streets or existing pond in the development, but the homeowners association disbanded.

Gladhill said Capstone Homes has expressed a willingness to include the 77 new lots in a homeowners association if the existing homeowners get the association up and running again.

According to Gladhill, the park dedication and trail fees paid by the developer would be used for existing parks and trails connecting existing parks. 21st Century Bank granted the city an easement for a future trail connection.

This development will provide another road connection to 168th Avenue and Garnet Street, which “is not in a great condition,” Gladhill said.

The city would like to reconstruct these streets in the Now and Then Estates development, but it is currently investigating how best to fund city roads maintenance projects over the long-term whether it be through property taxes, franchise fees, special assessments or some combination of funding sources, he said.

Almost all the intersections near this development operate at an acceptable level of service, according to the city engineering department review. The exception is the intersection of Highway 47 and 167th Avenue during the afternoon peak period. A traffic signal would help, but traffic warrants would have to be met before a signal is installed.

There will be no sanitary sewer or water trunk fees collected with this plat, according to Gladhill, because the original developer paid up-front for the sewer and water lines to be installed rather than through the trunk fees.


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