Blaine man charged with check forgery

After allegedly attempting to cash a check stolen from an elderly man, a Blaine man has been charged in Anoka County District Court.

Jeremy Mark Oakgrove
Jeremy Mark Oakgrove

Jeremy Mark Oakgrove, 30, was arraigned in court Nov. 12 on a felony check forgery charge.

The Spring Lake Park Police Department was called to Your Exchange Check Cashing, 8187 University Ave. NE, around 9:30 a.m. Nov. 11, according to the criminal complaint.

After Oakgrove attempted to cash a $280 check, a Your Exchange employee told police she called the check’s account holder, who said he had not written a check for any amount to Oakgrove, the complaint alleges.

In a post-Miranda statement, Oakgrove alleged he obtained the victim’s entire checkbook, including the check he attempted to cash, from a woman named Tiffany, whom he met on Facebook.

Oakgrove alleged that he had done some work for the man, raking leaves and recycling at a scrap yard, so he was supposed to keep between $30 and $32 and give the rest to Tiffany.

According to the complaint, the victim, age 90 next month, told police that a woman named Tiffany used to live with him. The two met at the “AA club,” and he offered her odd jobs and a place to stay.

One day, she didn’t show up to work and the man allegedly told police he never wrote her a check. The last time he saw his checkbook, it was on the kitchen table.

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