Union Looking Back for Nov. 22, 2013

Runaway proves fatal

Mr. Raeder, living a mile north of Cedar, was returning Monday evening from Bethel, with a wagon and double team. The team ran away and he was thrown out. E.C. Burgess noticed the team when they came to his place and a research resulted in finding Mr. Raeder after he had laid in the cold a half hour or so. Dr. Vrooman was called and it was with difficulty he could bring the man to consciousness. Yesterday morning he was worse, the shock, exposure, etc. having affected the kidneys and death came yesterday afternoon.

-100 years ago, Nov. 26, 1913

Cowboys show rodeo stunts in round-up

Cattle stampede in pasture, swim Mississippi and swim back again…Real cowboy thrills would have been yours if you had followed Donald and Douglas Tanner, Saturday. The story is interesting. Alvin Smith has six Jerseys pastured in Mrs. Claude Hall’s pasture on the west side of the Mississippi at Cloutier Island, together with some sixty other cattle. The owners came after the cattle and Mr. Smith went after his. When they were approached they were as wild as any Texas cattle could be. No one could corral them and it was thought some hunter had peppered them with bird shot.

– 75 years ago, Nov. 23, 1938

1963 assessed valuation in county is $46,110,851

State equalization of all Anoka county property for 1963 (1964 tax year) has been completed and no new changes except some minor changes on public utility property. The total assessed valuation in Anoka county is $46,110,851. This includes assessment of all pipe lines which are valued by the state tax commissioner.

This assessed valuation represents a growth of nearly $4 million in a year in which real estate was not re-assessed.

– 50 years ago, Nov. 22, 1963

Witching hour nears for hotel builder

The developer of the proposed La Corte Hotel project on the Castle Field site has until Dec. 19 to put together a finance package or the Anoka City Council will again seek other proposals.

– 25 years ago, Nov. 25, 1988

• Compiled by Sue Austreng

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