Letters to the Editor for Nov. 29, 2013

The life of a POW/MIA

To the Editor

Were you scared on Halloween?

Help Me

“I know not where I am,

“I am an American

“I have been fighting for the United States for a long, long time,

“If it is so that I am alive,

“Then why am I not home with my family?

“If it is so that I am dead,

“Then why isn’t my body home in American soil

“Where it belongs?

“Where my soul can at last be at peace

“Help me,

“Bring me home.”

Think about it. What would it be like to be a POW/MIA, not knowing where you are and what is going to happen to you.

Will you ever get back to your family and friends?

Joanne Meyer
POW/MIA chairperson
Sgt. John Rice VFW #6316 Blaine

Decorating for holidays

To the Editor:

For 36 years I have lived in the northern suburbs of the Twin Cities. For 35 of those years I have decorated my home inside and out for the holidays.

Many people looked forward to seeing these decorations and enjoyed them immensely.

We never had any problems with our decorations until we moved to Ramsey in 1999. Every year and every holiday from then on, our yard gets vandalized and decorations get stolen or broken. It is not only a lot of work to put all these things up, but it is also expensive.

This year we put up out Halloween decorations on Saturday, Oct. 12 and on Sunday found many of them broken or missing.

My wife and I go out and repair things as best we can, but it continues to happen again and again. I am not the only one to have this happen to the decorations that are put out. Many of my neighbors have had the same experiences.

I find it so sad that things we do to share the joy of a holiday are abused to the point that people will eventually stop making the effort.

I have reported these incidents to the police, but there isn’t a whole lot they can do.

Please, if you are reading this and have or are thinking about wrecking someone’s property, don’t. Let’s just enjoy it for what it was intended.

I am sorry to say this is going to be my last year for decorating my home on Halloween. If this sort of thing continues, I will have to stop decorating the outside of my home for any reason.

Gary E. Caviness

Giving back to the vets

To the Editor:

On Saturday, Oct. 12, I, along with eight other veterans, was the guest of a consortium of local entities, some were government employees, others private companies and their employees and some were individuals.

But all with a single goal. They wanted to show appreciation to veterans by offering a hunt to harvest some of the geese that frequent Anoka city property and ordinarily are off limits for being hunted.

A limit of three geese apiece was taken in the morning, many of them retrieved by hunting dogs brought by and handled by their owners who were also volunteers.

In all, there were four different days on which hunts were held with eight to 10 veterans each day. At noon after each hunt, a lunch in the field was provided by everybody involved. Sometime in January, they plan on having a wild game dinner at the Legion club rooms for the same people.

I have been involved in much smaller projects and know first hand how much work is involved. This one must have required many times the effort, but was so well planned and executed that it appeared to be something that just happened without any time or energy required.

Many of us are getting too old to do this on our own anymore and must rely on special hunts like this one, or on younger relatives or friends. I am fortunate to have all of the above sources.

Thanks to the following groups and their employees: Anoka Park Board, Anoka City Council, Anoka staff, Anoka-Champlin Fire Department, Anoka Police Department, Anoka Meat and Sausage, Minnesota State Patrol troopers, Federal Premium Ammunition, countless volunteers, Anoka County Veterans Service Office, Anoka American Legion, Dunn Bros. Coffee and Joe Green/Jeff Larkin Farmers.

Dave Conger

Doesn’t have facts right

To the Editor:

Over the weekend, Rep. Jerry Newton sent out an official looking email titled “Legislative Update.”

The opening sentence included “Minnesota Health Insurance Exchange is off and running.” He went on to say 12,011 people have created accounts, 5,569 have completed applications and 3,769 have actually enrolled in health plans under MNSure.

That is exciting news, MNSure is actually doing much better than what the news people have been reporting.

Only problem is Jerry does not have his facts right again.

According to MnSure, 3,769 people are in the process of enrolling. As of today (Oct. 28), the number of Minnesotans who have enrolled in an insurance plan through MNSure is “0.”

MNSure has announced it is unable to transfer applicant information to health plans. Until this problem is solved, no one can be enrolled in insurance plans through MNSure.

Jerry loves to tell us what we want to hear. In his email, he went on to say the next legislative session should be an “unsession.”

He said their goal should be to delete out of date and unneeded laws and regulations, making government better, faster, simpler and more efficient for people and business.

Good luck on that one Jerry. History clearly shows when Jerry gets to vote he always votes for every tax increase, every new regulation and every silly idea his associates in the Legislature can dream up.

Whenever you see Jerry please ask him about his “unsession.” Let’s all watch Jerry and see what he does in this next session.

Harland A. Wyvell
Coon Rapids

Great place for a meal

To the Editor:

As we enter the holiday season and with an eye to support local independent businesses, I want to share about a great place for lunch or dinner.

The Falls Café in Ramsey is a fantastic place where the food is all made to order from scratch and the service is great.

We were told that the prices were high but we discovered that is not correct. It is an upscale feeling restaurant but at a better than chain restaurant prices.

It has a great atmosphere, noise volume that ensured you could have a conversation at your table and we were perfectly comfortable in casual dress.

Although I do like the senior menu, my favorite is still wild rice walleye eggrolls and a cold Nordeast beer; it is wonderful!

If you have not had it I assure you it is worth the trip and if you go during happy hour it is half price a great deal.

I believe in supporting local businesses that keeps our money in our area and support our local communities.

The Falls fits this criteria and makes this goal a delicious experience that you can feel good about.

Margaret Connolly

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