Life Looking Back for Nov. 29, 2013

Buys partner’s interest in store

The firm of Goodrich & Jennings was dissolved Monday morning by mutual consent, George H. Goodrich buying Mrs. Julia S. Jennings’ interest in the business. Mr. Goodrich assumed sole control Monday morning, and will continue the business under the name of “Goodrich, Druggist.”

Twenty-seven years ago, George H. Goodrich came to Anoka, opening a drug store in the Bee Hive Block. E.J. Jennings became associated with him under the firm name of Goodrich & Jennings. Some years ago Mr. Jennings passed away and his wife, Mrs. Julia S. Jennings continued his interest in the firm.

-100 years ago, Dec. 3, 1913

Firemen’s dance interrupted by alarm

The 67th annual firemen’s Thanksgiving dance Thursday night was well attended and the music was very good. About eight o’clock an alarm came in from a fire at the former Swank residence, just across Fifth avenue from Carl Colburn’s. The alarm was caused by some kindling in a receptacle near a stove. Just how it was started is not determined. There were several families in the house. There was no fire damage, but some smoke.

– 75 years ago, Nov. 30, 1938

American Legion, VFW pay tribute to late president

The Anoka, Champlin and Coon Rapids American Legion and VFW Posts together with officials from Anoka, Coon Rapids and Champlin, joined the rest of the nation Monday in mourning the death of the late President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

As the casket of the late Chief Executive was being readied for the final ride in Washington, D.C. to Arlington National Cemetery for services and burial, in Anoka an honor guard of uniformed American Legion and VFW members met solemnly under a grey overcast sky at Aaron Greenwald Park. Under a flag flying at half mast and outlined by barren tree tops, the honor guard marched silently to the center of the triangle-shaped memorial. They were joined by city officials, Anoka fire and police departments, Boy Scouts and other citizens who had come to watch the short but impressive ceremony.

– 50 years ago, Nov. 29, 1963

Officials miffed at barrel move

The 400 barrels of solvents and paint sludges temporarily stored at the Anoka County Fairgrounds in Anoka do not pose any health problems. That’s the good news. The bad news is that nobody told Anoka officials of the move from Andover to Anoka. The contents of the barrels, while not explosive, are flammable. A firefighter who lives near the fairgrounds apparently spotted trucks unloading the barrels at the fairgrounds. The Anoka City Council was in session when they were told the barrels had been moved to Anoka, and council members were most upset with the development.

– 25 years ago, Dec. 2, 1988

• Compiled by Sue Austreng

Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.