Coon Rapids Police catch burglary suspect in the act

Two men were stopped by police allegedly in the act of committing a burglary at a vacant, foreclosed home in Coon Rapids Nov. 21.

Wade Lance Fuchs, 42, Anoka, and William Andrew Homan, 33, Coon Rapids, were arraigned in Anoka County District Court Nov. 22 on felony second-degree burglary and possession of burglary or theft tools charges.

The morning of Nov. 21, a Coon Rapids Police officer assigned to the Anoka-Hennepin Drug Task Force was driving past 2235 Main St. when he saw two males approaching the house, which he knew was a bank-owned foreclosure recently purchased by the city of Coon Rapids and where half its copper stolen had recently been stolen and had yellow caution tape was blocking the entrance.

The officer contacted the Coon Rapids detective who was investigating the copper theft, then asked fellow drug task force officers to assist.

Officers approached the house from the rear and as they did so, they spotted two suspects exit the house out of a basement utility door, one of whom was later identified as Fuchs and the other Homan, according to the complaint.

The suspects were told to stop and Homan complied dropping a cloth sack he was carrying, but Fuchs allegedly took off running across Main Street after dropping a backpack before tripping and being apprehended in a swampy area on the other side of Main Street.

Inside Homan’s cloth sack, officers allegedly found a cutter, pry bar and utility knife, while in Fuchs’ backpack, police allegedly discovered large bolt cutters, a large pry bar, wire cutters, a sheathed knife and small flashlight, and he also wore a flashlight round his neck.

At the scene, officers found a pane of glass had been broken out of the basement door, but nothing was disturbed or missing.

In a post-Miranda statement, Fuchs allegedly admitted entering the house without permission to look for anything left behind and steal it, and he admitted the tools in the backpack he was seen dropping were his.

But in his post-Miranda statement, Homan allegedly denied that he and Fuchs had entered the house and his did nothing but “look for firewood.”

Both Homan and Fuchs allegedly admitted they had driven to the location at random, then parked several blocks away and approached the house on foot.

Homan is scheduled to go on trial in Anoka County District Court April 28, 2014 on felony possession of burglary or theft tools and misdemeanor tampering with a motor vehicle and theft charges after being arrested by Coon Rapids Police Oct. 25 in connection with a gas siphoning incident at the Ace Hardware store on Foley Boulevard.

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