Anoka accepts bid for King’s Island channel restoration

The bid has been approved and work will start on a restoration project on Anoka’s King’s Island next month.

The Anoka City Council approved a $273,039 bid and awarded the contract to New Look Construction. Eleven bids were received on the project. The high bid was $527,396.

The bid approved unanimously by the council came in 5 percent above the engineer’s estimate.

“The project is to restore the channel around King’s Island,” said Public Services Director Greg Lee. “Just a few hundred feet short of a mile is going to be restored.”

The channel runs through a lowland hardwood swamp within King’s Island on the Mississippi River, according to Lee.

In the 1960s two land bridges were put in along the channel to allow for gravel mining on the island. Those barriers mean boaters and fish cannot pass through the island via the channel.

But the restoration work coming this fall will change that.

New Look, which recently did the Greenhaven Road reconstruction project, will start work in December and wrap up by April 1.

It will require a lot of tree removal and excavation.

“That really makes it a good project to do in the winter time,” Lee said.

The channel will be restored to 20 feet wide and three feet deep.

The city received a conservation legacy partners grant for $210,000, which will largely fund the project. The remainder of the total $358,000 cost will come from the city’s park improvement fund.

The channel restoration is one of two projects taking place on King’s Island to improve access for boaters, bikers and pedestrians.

Construction on a trail and bridges spanning the island is already underway.

Mandy Moran Froemming is at [email protected]