County board gets increase in 2014

The Anoka County Board has given itself a pay raise.

But the increase will be the first since 2009; the board had frozen its pay the past four years, 2010 through 2013.

The seven county board members will be paid $61,444 in 2014 up from $59,945 this year.

In addition, county board members will receive an expense allowance put in place by a 2004 resolution, which was approved by the then-county board, in lieu of seven-county metropolitan mileage and other unreimbursed business-related county expenses.

The county board action approved unanimously without comment Nov. 26 includes two other elected positions – county attorney and county sheriff.

Anoka County Attorney Tony Palumbo’s salary will increase from $141,000 to $143,820 and Anoka County Sheriff James Stuart’s pay will go up from $132,355 to $137,355.

The salary resolution also establishes salaries for all non-union county employees, as well as the department heads, division managers and the county administrator for 2014.

There will be no general wage increase, but funding has been included in the proposed 2014 county budget for a merit pool.

Non-union county employees, department heads, division managers and the county administrator will be eligible for a performance-based pay increase of up to 2 percent.

According to Cevin Petersen, division manager for finance and central services, each employee receives an annual performance review and based on that, the employee will either receive the full 2 percent, half of that or no raise at all.

The county board’s Management Committee has to sign off on the increases.

County employees who are members of unions are not affected by the salary resolution.

Their pay is determined by the collective bargaining agreements that their unions have negotiated with the county.

Peter Bodley is at [email protected]