Coon Rapids man accused of break-in, assault on woman

A Coon Rapids man has been accused in Anoka County District Court  of breaking into the home of his ex-girlfriend and assaulting her.

Antwan Eugene Gill, 24, was arraigned in court Nov. 27 on a felony first-degree burglary charge. Bail was set at $20,000.

Gill was arrested Nov. 27 after the Anoka County Attorney’s Office filed the criminal complaint Nov. 26 and a warrant was issued because Gill’s whereabouts were unknown

The early morning hours of Nov. 24, Coon Rapids Police responded to a 911 call from a residence on Grouse Street where a woman reported her ex-boyfriend, Gill, had broken into her home, assaulted her, then fled, according to the complaint.

She told police she and Gill used to date, but had not been together for over a year and he had never lived at her residence, nor did he have permission to enter.

The woman alleged that she was awakened to the sound of banging at her front door, then saw Gill standing over her as she lay in bed.

Gill allegedly got on top of her while she was in bed and began striking her; she showed signs of injury to her head and arm.

The woman’s seven-month-old child, whose father is Gill, was sleeping next to her during the assault, according to the complaint.

Police saw that the front door to the woman’s home was heavily damaged, including the side trim broken apart from the wall, the frame was shattered and pieces of the door lock were on the floor.

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