Replacement of Coon Rapids fire truck approved

Replacement of an existing fire truck has been given the green light by the Coon Rapids City Council.

The council has authorized the purchase of a 2014 Pierce fire truck and additional loose equipment for $570,280.

The cost of the equipment, $20,818, is included in the cost of the truck. A hose, nozzles, mechanic training and other smaller items comprise the equipment.

The new truck will replace the current 2006 Crimson fire truck.

The fire department anticipates that a trade-in offer of $100,000 for the old truck will bring the net cost of the new vehicle down to $470,280, according to Stephanie Lincoln, purchasing clerk.

The new truck will be bought through a cooperative purchasing contract with the Houston-Galveston Area Council, Lincoln wrote in the report to the council.

Through this contract, the city will get a prepay discount of $8,713 on the new truck, which was originally priced at $578,993, she wrote.

The fire truck’s price was set by a September 2011 request for proposal executed by the area council which expired Dec. 1.

The council was asked to order the 2014 truck before Dec. 1 to take advantage of the 2011 pricing, Lincoln wrote. “Significant savings will be achieved by participating in the purchasing contract,” she wrote.

As in the past, the fire department will try to sell the old truck on the open market before accepting the trade-in value offered, according to Lincoln.

The 2014 city budget, which was approved  by the council Dec. 3, has $585,000 allocated for the new fire truck.

To pay for it, equipment certificates will be issued by city to be paid back over 10 years beginning with the 2014 tax levy, Lincoln wrote.

Peter Bodley is at [email protected]