Man sent to prison for violating no contact court order

The ex-boyfriend of a Coon Rapids woman who hid from him when he came to her house in violation of a no contact order has been sent to prison after pleading guilty in Anoka County District Court to a felony charge.

Jason Michael Hardy, 41, Brooklyn Park, who pleaded guilty to felony violation of an order for protection (two or more prior convictions) charge, was given a 29-month prison term with credit for 30 days spent in jail at sentencing Nov. 14.

In 2004, Hardy was given lengthy prison time after pleading guilty to first- and second-degree controlled substance crime charges and first-degree burglary in separate cases, according to court records.

In addition, the complaint filed against Hardy for the Coon Rapids incident states that he has prior domestic assault convictions, one a misdemeanor in 2011 and the other a gross misdemeanor in 2010, as well as three pending cases in Hennepin County – felony domestic assault, gross misdemeanor domestic assault interference with a 911 call and disorderly conduct plus a felony domestic abuse violation of a protection order.

A domestic abuse no contact order issued by Anoka County District Court in May 2012 precluded Hardy from having contact with the woman involved in this case.

According to the complaint, the woman was at a residence on Grouse Street the afternoon of Aug. 29, 2012 when she heard Hardy’s vehicle pull into the driveway, then the garage door open and Hardy talk with her son.

She hid under the stairs, then when her son left for work, she heard the garage door leading to the house open and footsteps walking inside the home and she did not come out from hiding until she heard her ex-husband come home about 45 minutes later.

The woman showed police numerous text messages sent to her from Hardy’s cell phone number, some of them sent Aug. 29 and 30, 2012.

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