Spring Lake Park jaywalker charged with burglary arrested

A man stopped by a Spring Lake Park Police officer for jaywalking on Highway 65 is in a lot more trouble.

Richard Alan Joyce, 50, Minneapolis, was arraigned in Anoka County District Court Nov. 12 on a felony first-degree burglary charge.

Joyce posted $2,000 bail Nov. 14 and has his next court hearing Dec. 11.

A warrant was issued for Joyce’s arrest after the Anoka County Attorney’s  Office filed the charge Oct. 16 because his whereabouts were unknown. He was taken into custody Nov. 12.

The afternoon of Aug. 13, a Spring Lake Park spotted the jaywalker, but when he turned around his squad car to stop him, the suspect took off running, pushing a bicycle.

According to the complaint, the officer found the suspect, who was identified as Joyce, in some woods north of Highway 65 and when asked about the bicycle, Joyce said he had bought it from a person in Minneapolis for $40.

But while he allowed Joyce to leave, the officer seized the bike because he thought it had been stolen, the complaint alleges.

About the same time, another Spring Lake Park officer was dispatched to a home on the 8000 block of Fillmore Street where the resident said that his bicycle worth between $500 and $550 had been stolen from his attached garage while he was inside his house.

Hearing the report over his squad car radio and knowing the residence was close to Highway 65, the officer who stopped Joyce contacted the homeowner to get a description of the stolen bicycle, and it allegedly matched the bicycle he had seized from Joyce.

The officer found Joyce and arrested him.

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