November 25

November 25, 2013
Regular Meeting 7:00 p.m.
Central Services Center
Community Room
4115 Ambassador Blvd.
The regular meeting was called to order by Chairperson Amy Kelly at 7:00 p.m. with the following members present: Directors David Anderson, Suzanne Erkel, Janet Glover, Harry Grams, David Roberts, Marsha Van Denburgh, and Superintendent Ed Saxton.
Happenings Around the District St. Francis High School Debate Team, Multicultural/Diversity Program
Debate Coach Steve Fetzik reported that debate is in its 40th year at St. Francis High School (SFHS). Debate is not about arguing but rather speaking, thinking, listening, writing and analyzing two sides of a topic. Senior captains Adam Everhart and Lauren Handzel spoke of the positive benefits and experiences debate has had on their education.
Multicultural/Diversity Education Program Liaison Carline Sargent reported about the program.
Consideration of Visitors
Linda Gust addressed the board.
Glen Morehouse Olson reported about her experience in participating with Education Nation, a national platform on education, in New York City.
Motion was made by Mr. Anderson and second by Mr. Grams. Ms. Kelly noted that Other Matters items A and B are one resolution and be combined as one, item B will be the closed session. Ms. Van Denburgh made a motion to remove New Business item A and second by Ms. Erkel. Discussion followed.
Motion carried to remove New Business item A. 7-0. A first reading will be brought back in January 2014.
Motion carried for the revised agenda 7-0.
Consent Agenda
Motion was made to approve the revised Consent Agenda by Ms. Van Denburgh and second by Mr. Roberts.
A. THAT the minutes of November 11 be approved as presented.
B. THAT the Personnel Items be approved as presented.
C. THAT Disbursements are approved as presented.
D. THAT the Out of State Travel Wrestling be approved as presented.
F. THAT Gift Acknowledgements be approved as presented.
Motion carried, 7-0.
Student Report
Cassy Stierns provided the student report.
Superintendent Report and Communications
* Mr. Saxton reported that a synopsis was prepared by Principal Toso regarding what is happening for chemical awareness at SFHS. The community awareness meeting held on November 21 was well attended with over 500 students, parents and community members.
* The evacuation plan process went well regarding an odor at East Bethel Community School.
* Schools for Equity in Education meeting included a panel task force for the governor.
Dialogue Session
Mr. Roberts reported five people attended regarding negotiation concerns including: policy for insurance, importance of correct and accurate information, and adequate training of certain curriculum.
School Board Member Reports
School Board members provided reports on the following: the Madrigal singers, negotiations, mock interviews, the great support of staff and community at the chemical awareness meeting, student of the month, emails and calls regarding negotiations, St. Francis High School teacher DC Randle for receiving the Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts teacher award, Indian education feast, contact to MSBA to get opinion on the policy regarding health insurance, FPAC meeting, tour of facility for the STEP program in Anoka, ACT and ECSU meetings, review of the committee recommendation for evaluating the superintendent, the Health Care Reform update meeting, and the dialogue session for Delegate Assembly resolutions.
Administrative Reports
District Leadership Team (DLT) Leadership and District of Choice
Mr. Neubauer and Mr. Finn have formatted how recent meetings are held. The goal is to promote the District as the District of Choice. Focus will be building leadership within the system, working with potential leaders, and development of programming.
Explore/Plan Results
Mr. Neubauer reviewed the results of Explore/PLAN test data. Percentages were given at local and national levels.
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
Mr. Lindberg reviewed provisions that the proposed policy for insurance looks to address. The proposed policy is to address how the District can comply with the Affordable Care Act.
Other Matters
2014A Authorizing Resolution Bond Refunding 2005A
Motion was made by Ms. Glover second by Mr. Anderson.
Mr. Nelson explained refunding of the bond and benefits for the District and taxpayers.
Motion carried 7-0.
Ten minute recess at 8:52 p.m.
Closed Session Negotiation Parameters
Closed Session: Motion by Ms. Van Denburgh, second by Mr. Anderson. Vote: 7-0. Time: 9:05 p.m.
Resume Open Meeting: Motion by Ms. Van Denburgh: I move that the open meeting be resumed, second by Mr. Roberts. Vote: 7-0. Time: 10:07 p.m.
The regular meeting was adjourned at 10:07 p.m.
/s/ David L. Anderson,
School Board Clerk
(Complete resolutions and additional dialogue are on file in the legal minutes at Central Services Center and posted on the District website.)
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Anoka County Union
December 13, 2013

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