Gamache to run for Anoka County Board

Andover Mayor Mike Gamache has announced that he is forming a campaign committee and will be running for Anoka County Commissioner in the Fifth District in 2014. In 2012 Gamache ran unopposed for mayor of Andover and his current term ends at the end of 2014.

The Fifth District is made up of parts of Andover, Coon Rapids and Fridley.

Mike Gamache
Mike Gamache

“I am proud of the accomplishments we have achieved in Andover over the last 13 years including bringing over 1,500 jobs to the city,” Gamache said.

According to Gamache, Andover’s business and commercial districts have seen a 23 percent job growth while all of Anoka County businesses have experienced a 3 percent loss in jobs. “Making Andover a business friendly city has been one of my main objectives as mayor and these numbers prove we have been successful,” Gamache said.

That is Gamache’s objective for Anoka County as well, he said.

“My business experience in the corporate world along with what I have learned in my 13 years as mayor provides me with the tools to do the same across Anoka County.” Gamache said.

“For those of us who live in Anoka County and make our daily commute outside the county, we know what our transportation needs are and transportation will be one of my top priorities as well.”

During his tenure as mayor, the city built the Andover/YMCA Community Center, which has been a great success story of a public/private partnership and how to make it work, according to Gamache.

“We wanted a building that not only worked and provided the service, but also was aesthetically pleasing and would become a focal point for our city,” Gamache said.

Gamache was proud to lead the effort to pass and implement the Andover open space referendum and committee, he said.

“It was a vision that became reality and now we have three pieces of property, over 60 acres, in Andover that will never be developed and will be enjoyed by residents forever,” Gamache said.

There were difficult times for many Minnesota cities during the last decade and Andover was not exempt, according to Gamache.

“We had to deal with cuts in state funding in 2003 and again in 2006 that forced the council to make difficult cuts, but our strong financial position helped us come out of those difficult times and we are positioned for the growth we are now witnessing in both commercial and residential home building,” Gamache said.

Gamache anticipates that growth in Anoka County must be addressed with an effort that brings the county board and the cities throughout the county together in a collaborative effort, he said.

“No city can be an island and building strong relationships between the county and cities is vital for the success of us all,” Gamache said.

“That has always been my philosophy as mayor. What can we as a city do to work with the county and I have found that the county board has been there for Andover when needed. I believe it is a positive to have former mayors and council members serving on the county board because we bring the experience needed to build coalitions and get results.”

Gamache is excited by the challenge and his chances, but knows it will be a tough campaign, he said.

“I am looking forward to talking to my many Andover friends, but also meeting more supporters in both Coon Rapids and Fridley,” Gamache said.

“I have campaigned in Coon Rapids for commissioners Carol LeDoux and Scott LeDoux in 2004 and in 2008 and the issues don’t change much when you cross the city borders. Voters want you to talk about the issues and address the problems and I can guarantee that my campaign will be about getting things done and not politics as usual.”

To get more information about Gamache’s campaign, visit his website at http://www.Gamache4AnokaCounty.

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