Life Looking Back for Dec. 13, 2013

District 16 board concerned over holiday activity ban

The School District 16 Board of Education voiced concern in regard to the cancellation of extra-curricular activities during the holidays and practice during that time, as decreed by directive from the commissioner of education. The directive eliminates all practice and participation in the extra-curricular activities during the holidays and is designed to save energy in the schools.  District 16 facilities will be turned as low as possible over the weekends and operate between 58-60 degrees and that is as low as the mechanical devices will allow reduction. Students could practice in sweatshirts and not suffer any ill effects, board members said.

– 40 years ago, Dec. 14, 1973

Skating rinks open in Blaine

The city of Blaine will officially open its skating season Thursday, Dec. 22. There will be five locations where hockey rinks, general rinks, lighting and warming houses with attendants will be available. There will also be a number of unlit general rinks without warming houses scattered around the city.

– 30 years ago, Dec. 16, 1983

Blaine High School exhibits true spirit of holidays

This season of giving, Blaine High School students exhibited the spirt of the holidays. During their annual charity drive, the students donated more than 8,700 food items, a new school record, said Jessie Busie the school’s HERO program coordinator.

– 20 years ago, Dec. 17, 1993

• Compiled by Sue Austreng

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