Fill from Metrodome site to be hauled to Blaine

The same area that was once considered for a new Minnesota Vikings stadium will get fill from the Metrodome site in downtown Minneapolis as the NFL team’s new stadium site is developed.

The Blaine City Council Nov. 21 unanimously approved a conditional use permit for trucks to haul 350,000 cubic yards of fill between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. to a 33-acre site at the southwest corner of 109th and Lexington avenues.

Community Development Director Bryan Schafer said the fill would start coming in January and all hauling activity must be over by April 30, 2014. There would be two stockpiles of fill that each would be no taller than 12 feet.

The reason for hauling overnight is to avoid daytime traffic on the freeway and in downtown Minneapolis, he said.

The trucks would only be using I-35W, Lexington Avenue and 109th Avenue and not any city roads and would not be driving by any residential areas, so the impact would be limited to people seeing the fill when driving by the area or going shopping at The Village of Blaine shopping center across the street, according to Schafer.

The Anoka County Highway Department and Rice Creek Watershed District also reviewed this proposal, according to Schafer.

Mayor Tom Ryan said this will be a sizable operation.

“The main thing is to keep the streets clean,” Ryan said. “I don’t know if anyone remembers when Johnson Brothers hauled for Lochness (Park) up here. It’s a lot of traffic.”

The city is requiring the hauler to sweep the streets daily with a vacuum type sweeper on all roads on which it hauls in Blaine and additional sweepings could be requested by the engineering department.

According to Schafer, Allina Health owns the site and is in the process of reviewing a development plan with city staff. Allina was presented with the opportunity to buy this fill from the Metrodome site from a hauler and Allina applied for the conditional use permit.

Because the city is still reviewing Allina’s concept development, how long the fill remains on the site has yet to be determined, although Allina is paying a $60,000 escrow to the city to pay for turf to be established on the dirt slopes and other site restoration work before the site is graded at a later date.

“The fill will be held on their site until approval for development of their site,” Schafer said. “It’s not intended to be moved off the site. It’s for their site.”

Councilmember Wes Hovland asked if this is clean fill.

Schafer said it is and has been tested. The hauler working with Allina is actually the same hauler who brought this fill to the Metrodome site when it was developed, he said.

Eric Hagen is at [email protected]